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January 2014
happy chinese new year with a pic of a lion, gold coin, lantern and orange tree
January 31, 2014
players winning at a craps table
January 30, 2014
EO list
January 27, 2014
road map for relief dealer for Big 6, 3 Card Poker and Let it Ride
January 24, 2014
Dealer has 2 cards, a 5 and a 3
January 23, 2014
player saying I just came to visit my money that I lost here last week
January 22, 2014
3 songs that a casino should never play
January 21, 2014
casino dealers have groupies too
January 20, 2014
you know you've been dealing for a long time when half of the casinos on your application have been imploded
January 17, 2014
tip is just another word that corporations use to justify paying their employees less - tip jar
January 16, 2014
player holding a 50 cent piece - This could be yours if you let me win
January 15, 2014
January 14, 2014
dealing looks better than it smells
January 10, 2014
We enjoy gambling. Let's try this new game chat roulette
January 9, 2014
player lost money and screamed ridiculous then gave casino more money
January 7, 2014
you are an awful card counter because you are trying to count cards on a table with a continuous shuffling machine
January 6, 2014
actual roulette math
January 4, 2014
luck always seems to be against the man who depends on it
January 3, 2014
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