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“We’re a talented network of creative individuals that strive to deliver quality educational content with a touch of humor.”

Heather Ferris, Founder

Who we are

Vegas Aces Services, LLC is an innovative team of educators, developers and market specialists who love to have fun and are based out of Las Vegas, NV.

As Nevadans, we have a unique perspective on gaming and how it benefits the communities we live in. Our team has over 10 years of experience in the casino industry, business operations and design industires. With that experience and because we are constantly researching, self-educating and developing new skills to grow our team and business, we are able to deliver high-quality education and provide successful solutions to our global market.

To learn more about our individual team members, read through their bios below.

What we do

Education is our foundation. Our goal to help others is built on that foundation.

We strive to provide exceptional consulting, training, and educational services to casino staff, students, gaming industry professionals, and table game inventors, helping to elevate industry standards and build a more efficient and knowledgeable work force. By providing services, consultation and free/low-cost education around the world, Vegas Aces Services, LLC helps businesses increase revenue and employment opportunities through efficiency, and helps individuals learn new trade skills and build employment value as a means to support themselves and their families.

Why we do it

Bottom line, we want to help people. Whether we are providing services, consultation, products, or education, we are on a mission to raise standards and provide the highest quality of education & services. Vegas Aces Services, LLC is a strong advocate for free education.

At minimum, we believe basic information should be free and easy to obtain for everyone; especially education that is provided by colleges, universities and trade schools, since they supply people with the information they need to get a job to maintain their family’s well-being and livelihood. If people can’t afford to put food on the table then how can they afford to pay for an education that will lead them to a better paying job? We will provide education for free with the goal of helping anyone who wants to learn and achieve a better life.

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Meet the Team

Heather Ferris profile picture

Heather Ferris

CEO & Founder

CEO & Founder of Vegas Aces Services, LLC, with over 20 years of experience in the casino industry. Heather is a casino game inventor who has invented and sold three games, was an adjunct professor at UNLV, and currently has a book deal with the Huntington Press. Heather is also a 2nd generation born & raised Las Vegan whose prized pastime is playing video games.

Favorite Video Game:
Portal 2

Tamalyn Gee profile picture

Tamalyn Gee

Special Projects Advisor

Tamalyn is a Master of Project Management & an Organization Guru who is obsessed with process & efficiency to the point it tortures those around her. Her resume includes global project and change management, developing and presenting training curriculum, development and implementation of new/streamlined global processes, and the recruitment and management of a Global Process Architect Team in Dublin, Ireland. Tamalyn is a 5th generation born and raised Nevadan, who's dedicated to making positive changes in her community and around the world.

Favorite Pastime:
Writing Creative Non-Fiction

Nichole Wasden profile picture

Nichole Wasden

Designer & Editor

Design has been a big part of Nichole's life. She has been a graphic designer for over 18 years. She owns a design company called Wasden Design and has designed websites, t-shirts, logos, social media marketing, photo editing, all types of print projects & more. She loves the outdoors, spending time with her children & volunteering at their schools.

Favorite Quote:
“Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

Anne Dorko profile picture

Anne Dorko

Web Coordinator

Anne is a systems design geek and loves bringing projects to life by developing the technical functionality – and has been at it for nearly 15 years. Originally from San Diego, California and now living in Germany, Anne spends a lot of time learning new skills, making music, and creating content about kindness and the purpose of life. You can find their creative work at!

Favorite Hobby:
Dungeons and Dragons

Angela Marie profile picture

Angela Marie

YouTube Host, Writer

Angela Marie has been performing in Las Vegas for the last 10 years, after extended stints entertaining in Scotland and Macau. Her Sin City career has run the gamut from GoGo Dancing to Gospel singing and has happily remained mostly in the realm of things her father isn’t embarrassed to attend. Professional stage credits include Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding, Evil Dead, countless shows with A Touch of Mystery and as a Magician’s Assistant for Paul Draper, Dr Scott Lewis and Jackson Rayne. She is featured in numerous TV and radio ads (Golden Gate Casino, Newsmax TV, Nectar Bath Treats) and has made guest appearances on television series that range from Criss Angel: Mindfreak to National Geo’s Brain Games. She is most often recognized for her gambling videos with The Wizard Of Odds.

Favorite Place:

Jack Kelly profile picture

Jack Kelly

YouTube Production Manager, Writer

Jack Kelly is a Los Angeles-based comedy writer originally from Chicago. His resume includes live comedy shows, RPG live plays, and web sketches. His Hamilton singalong group Hamiltunes LA celebrated their 8th anniversary in 2023. He's guested on far too many podcasts, most commonly appearing on the Unpops Network.

Favorite TV Show:
Arrested Development

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Justin Reckling


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Udo Paul

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Chuck Sheaffer

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Gino Abeita

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