Lucky 8's Hold'Em

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Lucky 8’s Hold’em™ is a captivating new take on a beloved game while making players truly feel lucky. Played akin to Ultimate Texas Hold’em, players are paid based on the number of 8’s shown. This exciting paytable includes 20x, 5x, & 2x multipliers!

How to Play

To start, players will make an initial mandatory wager by placing equal bets on both the Ante and the Bonus circles. Optional side bets must be wagered at this time. The game starts with each player receiving two cards. After glancing at their cards, players can either check or bet three times their Ante on the Play circle. After a player bets on the Play betting circle, no more decisions are necessary for the rest of the hand. The dealer will flip over the flop, exposing three community cards. During this round, players can either check or bet two times their Ante. The dealer will expose the last two turn and river cards for all to see. Players have to either bet one time their Ante or they have to fold therefore forfeiting their initial Ante and Bonus wagers.

How to Win

The dealer flips over his cards and will use a combination of their two cards and the five community cards to make their best five-card poker hand. The player is only playing against the dealer. The dealer needs a pair or higher to qualify.

If the dealer doesn’t qualify, the Ante will always push. If the dealer qualifies and the player beats the dealer, the Ante will be paid even money. If the player wins, the Play bet will be paid contingent on the number of 8’s in the player’s two cards and the five community cards. If the player loses, all bets will be taken.The Bonus pays if the player has a straight or better. With the 8's Fortune optional bet, the player is betting they will get two or more 8’s out of a total of nine cards (player’s two cards, dealer’s two cards, and five community cards) A pair of 8’s is guaranteed to win and if they’re on the community board, that’s a huge win for the table! If all four 8’s show up, players are paid 200 to 1!

Players can win even if they fold. With the Trips optional bet, the player is betting that they will receive a ranking hand, instead of betting against the dealer. Players can win even if they fold.


Lucky 8s Website

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Panda Gaming Labs

Table Layout

Lucky 8's Hold'Em Table Layout

Check out the design of Lucky 8's table layout.

Lucky 8's Hold'Em Table Layout

Rack Card

Lucky 8's Hold'Em Rack Card

Learn the rules of the game and basic strategy with Lucky 8's Hold'Em rack card.

Lucky 8’s Rack Card

About the Inventor

Lawrence Shen is the Founder & CEO of Panda Gaming Labs. Lawrence has been a PhD researcher, a formidable poker and blackjack player, and an executive for finance and business analysis in the gaming industry. Before Panda Gaming Labs, Lawrence was the Manager of Strategic Finance & Business Analysis at the largest gaming operator in the world.

Lawrence Shen's Business Card

Lawrence has the greatest passion for anything in the gaming industry. After years of analyzing and observing the casino floor, and with extended experience contributing to corporate decision making, Lawrence designed Lucky 8's Hold'em™

to lead the next exciting evolution of poker-based table games. Lawrence instilled a thrilling element from Asian culture into the popular western game of Hold'em, and this innovation has received praises from casino experts, including the Wizard of Odds, Anthony Curtis, and of course, us at Vegas Aces.

Besides Panda Gaming Labs, Lawrence also founded Advantage Partners Consulting to assist tribal and regional gaming operators in market research, feasibility studies, and M&A transactions. Lawrence is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), math and programming enthusiast, and avid traveler (43 US states, 50+ National Parks, and 400+ casinos). Lawrence speaks four languages and lives in Las Vegas with his wife and son.

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