Down Under Hold'Em At G2E

Heather: Hello!

Dealer: How are you doing Heather?

Heather: Doing great! Now you guys are one of the big tables here at G2E. You guys are always here. You have fantastic games. I love your games. You have the newest game out. It is just so much fun. So if you wouldn’t mind, could you tell our viewers a little more about it?

Dealer: Absolutely. So this is the newest product in our Down Under line. This is Down Under Hold’Em. Similar to other table top Texas Hold’Em variants. We are going to make two bets. The Ante and the Bet. They need to be equal. The players are going to have a playa decision when they get their two cards. If they like their hand pre flop, they can go 2X or 3X. Or they can check, see the flop and then decide if they want to continue at that point.

What makes this game different, we are going to give you the down under information about the dealers cards. Just like downunder blackjack, you are going to be able to see whether the dealer has small, medium, or large cards in the hole and then how that compares to your hand before you decide how much you would like to wager.

So, we will start the hand by making an equal Ante and Bet. We have two optional side wagers. “Trips or Better.” Will your hand be Trips or Better? And “Match the Dealer.” Do your cards match the dealers' hold cards?

Heather: Fantastic!

Dealer: Before we start the hand, I am going to take the progressive wager. And then we will start to deal. Each player will get their first card. We will take the dealer's first card and put it in our card reader. When I do that one of three lights comes on. This time red light. That tells us red box that dealers first is a 6, 7, 8 or 9.

We will give the players each their second card. And then we will do the same thing with the dealer's second card and put it in the box. So with this hand we know that both of the dealer's cards are in the red box. So they are both either 6, 7 , 8 or 9.

At this time the players can look at their cards. If they like their hand they can bet up to 3X right now. That will complete their action. If they don’t like their hand they can check and wait and see the flop and then make their player fold decision then. So we have check, check and a 3X bet.

Player 1 cards - Queen - 10 - 3 on the flop. So here is where that down under information comes into play. We know the dealer's card are 6 through 9. The 3 would be in the blue box, the Queen and the 10 would be in the gold box. So we know if the dealer didn’t start with a pair they can’t have one now.

Player 3 cards - So Jim is going to make a play decision. He’s got a pair of 3’s he thinks he’s best. He is going to bet.

Player 2 cards - Dave has folded his hand. Tuck them under here, so they are still live for the side bets.

At this point we will reveal the turn and river.

We will reveal the dealer's hand. Dealer has 7 high. So unlike other table top poker games there is no dealer qualifier for Down Under Hold’Em. It doesn't matter if the dealer has a pair or not, as long as you beat the dealer you're going to get paid.

Player 1 cards - So Veronica went 3X Ace King. She made a good decision. Ace King is going to beat 7 high. He didn’t make Trips or Better. Ace - King doesn’t match 7 - 6 so she didn’t win on Match the Dealer.

Player 2 cards - Dave folded because he didn’t have very much. But what he did have was a 6. Dealer has 7 - 6. He did not make Trips or Better but he’s going to get 3 to 1 on his Match the Dealer.

Player 3 cards - Over here Jim went all in with a pair of 3’s and ended up making a flush. So he is going to get even money on his play. Even money on his Anti. 3 to 2 on his Bet. Trips wager, he has Better than Trips. He has a flush, that’s going to pay 7 to 1. And this chip comes to me because he didn’t Match the Dealer.

There you go. There is a hand of Down Under Hold’Em. Let’s play another one.

Heather: Sounds great. This is so easy to play and to understand. It is so much fun. You really do feel like you are playing Texas Hold’Em. I love how you can sorta determine what the dealer has based on the blue box, the red box or the yellow box. That is just –

Dealer: You can actually play against the dealer's hand and know what their range is. Sometimes you can save a bet because you know that you can’t win.

Heather: That is really fantastic. Now can you tell me a little bit more about the technology that you use to determine what the card is? That is very interesting.

Dealer: This is our proprietary optical card reader. It will read any card on the market. As soon as the cards go in one of three lights comes on. Then we know which corresponding box that card will go in.

Heather: That is really cool.

Dealer: No specialty cards required. It’s a camera in there that actually optically reads the value of the cards.

Heather: Wow!

Dealer: So we have a check, check and a check.

And we are going to go. We will reveal the flop. Anyone who hasn’t made their play decision must decide to play or fold. So we have taken out the betting route, sped up the game a little bit. Everybody is done. Now what do we know? We know that the dealer can’t have a straight because they would need a 10 and they would have to have a card in the gold box. Dealer can’t have very much. In fact, the dealer just has 9 high.

I see King duce, for a pair of kings. That is a winner. No Trips or Better or Match the Dealer.

Heather: Now where – is this located in any of the casinos? Like if anyone is watching and they really want to play this can they go play it?

Dealer: They can. So we have a couple tables out at Verona Casino right now. It’s live down in Mexico and also available at Eagle Mountain. We have a couple more places in Washington and Wisconsin that will be putting in in a couple months.

Heather: Okay, cool. One more time can you say the name of the Casinos?

Dealer: Sure. It’s at Verona, Eagle Mountain, and The Caliente Casino in Mexico.

Heather: Fantastic. That way if any of you guys want to play this fantastic game you can go to one of those casinos and check this out because this is a lot of fun. Now is the game really just that nice and easy and simple or is there any more to it?

Dealer: Well I will give you some hints on how to play the game. You’re really not playing what your hand makes. You are really trying to beat the dealer. If you had say 9 - 4 off suit. You normally wouldn’t play that hand. But if the dealer has one card in the medium and one card in the blue. Well you have the best medium card and the second best small card. That is actually in. You will want to go three X. You are trying to compare your cards to the dealer’s cards and find the time when you have the advantage. Let’s say both the cards for the dealer were in the large box, at that point our strategy says you need an ace, ten suited or better to play 3X before the flop. The range varies quite widely based on what you are up against and what you have.

Heather: Okay. Fantastic.

Dealer: Let’s play one more hand.

Heather: Which ones are mandatory or are they all mandatory?

Dealer: So the only mandatory bets are the Ante and the Bet and they just must be equal.

Heather: Okay.

Dealer: When we play 3X or 2X. One of these wagers before the flop or check.

Heather: And you see that right here.

Dealer: And then on the Flop it is 1X 1Fold.

Heather: Okay cool.

Dealer: So Match the Dealer, and Trips or Better are both optional, along with our progressive.

Heather: Okay, and here is the pay table. Fantastic.

Dealer: A gold one this time. Two gold cards, just like what we are talking about. Danger Will Robinson. Danger.

Heather: Okay.

Dealer: Check, check and a check. Let’s see the flop. Well the good news is that flop did not help the dealer. Maybe he has a club? You have play, you have a play, you have a play. We will reveal the Turn and River. It looks like a pair of 10s is the best thing the dealer can have. Nope. The two gold cards are just Queen high.

Player 1 cards - So 4’s and 5’s two pair that’s going to win. No Trips and no Match the Dealer.

Player 2 cards - King - 8 is going to make a straight. Now we are going to pay that bet wager because it starts paying at a straight or better. On the Trips or Better wager we see straights going to pay 4 to 1. We didn’t Match the Dealer with a Queen or 8.

Player 3 cards - Pair of 6’s. Three is going to make a straight. Pay on all those wagers. Trips or Better are again 4 to 1. And we didn’t match the dealer.

There you have it.

Heather: Okay.

Dealer: There is Down Under Hold’Em.

Heather: Fantastic. Now if people see this and they really like it and they happen to run a casino and they want to put this in there, what is your contact information?

Dealer: You can contact me at [email protected]

Heather: Awesome. Thanks so very much for doing this.

Dealer: Your welcome. Thank you so much Heather!

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