Flushed At The Cutting Edge Table Games Conference

Heather: Hello and welcome back to the Cutting Edge Conference in Las Vegas at the Parris. Now before I introduce these two handsome men, let me just say Cutting Edge happens once a year and this is where all the new table games come to showcase their game and try to get into a casino. Now, can you guys please introduce yourselves to the audience and tell me a little bit about your game?

Dave: Yes I am Dave Buten?

Travis: I am Travis Baker.

Heather: And your game is?

Dave: The game is Flushed. It is a race to a flush. It is the first card game that has roulette style betting, excitement of craps, and the excitement of a horse race all in one.

Heather: Awesome, so it is like a horse race mixed with craps. Is that correct?

Dave: With roulette style betting. There are a lot of things going on that’s new. It has never been combined before. We are happy to show it to you.

Heather: Awesome. Yes we would love to see it. If you guys would be nice enough to tell us how to play that would be fantastic.

Dave: Okay we will go through a round and describe how it works. So what we have here is a single deck of cards. We continuously turn them over one at a time, and align them in the suit that they match up with until we get five in the same suit which equals a flush. At that moment that we have a flush in one of the suits, we count all the total cards. Then over here. That number is what we have for the inside bet, which is similar to roulette. So the inside bets payout different odds that you can see are listed here. There are also outside bets. So you can bet on red or black, whatever suit that actually wins. If there is an ace or a royal flush. Very similar to roulette. You actually have chips that are different colors so you can play as a large group on the same bets. The best part about it is they have different odds for different styles. You have like 400 to 1, even, odds, even 1000 and 1 bets.

Put some bets down there Travis and then we will play out some cards and watch what happens. So similar to roulette you might have a house minimum of like $10 per round. So put down 10 chips and start playing.

Heather: We have a special player right here. Go ahead and say hi to the audience.

Michael: Hi. I am Michael Shackleford the Wizard of Odds. I am excited to play your game here. What is it?

Heather: Flushed. We are learning how to play right now. So go ahead and continue.

Dave: Bets are closed. First card is a spade. Second card is a club. Third card hearts. Fourth card diamonds. Fifth card is an ace of spades. Sixth is a club. Diamond, heart, heart, diamond. So far it is an even heat right now. Everyone has two cards. Hearts is jumping in the lead. Okay diamond is catching up. Diamonds is out. Diamonds wins in 12. So the winning bets are obviously reds, diamonds, 12, even. There was no ace in the flush and obviously the 11 through 13 streak wins.

You might be asking how does the house work? If you have 16 cards before the flush then the next card would be 17. We don’t flip it over but we know the house winds and the outside bets don’t win. And that is how flushed is played.

Heather: Awesome. Can we do one or two more hands just to get comfortable with it?

Dave: Absolutely! So we have to switch decks. We will get a new deck because you need to start every round with a fresh deal of a one deck.

Heather: Now is this game going to have a shuffle machine or is the dealer going to hand shuffle the deck after every round?

Dave: Oh it will be too slow to hand shuffle so we definitely expect at least one shuffle machine.

Hather: Okay. Sounds good. What is the house edge on this game?

Dave: It is around 5% but it is based on what is played.

Hather: So is it similar to roulette where roulette is like 5.26%.

Dave: Very similar to roulette in the odds and the time it takes to play a round.

Heather: The number of hands per hour you are talking about?

Dave: Yes. Exactly.

Heather: Okay. And that is very important when casinos are looking at a game like this. They want to know how many hands per hour the game has. Awesome. Let’s see you guys have all the math done and everything.

Dave: We have the math report. Do you want to watch another hand?

Heather: Fantastic. So here we go. Okay so we are setting up our bets. We have the bets in the number area. We have the bets on the odd and even. We have the different number bets so that way we can tell what flush it is, whether it is red or black. And these ones right here, these are similar to the columns. Is that correct?

Dave: Yes, exactly.

Heather: Okay. So we have our bets out.

Dave: Bets are down. Hopefully we have a winner. Alright, the first card is clubs. Second spades, Third is diamonds. Followed by spades. Card number five spades. Off to an early lead. Diamond, hearts, spade, spade. Tenth card. Opps, nine.

Heather: Nine! Nine in spades.

Dave: Spades and nine.

Heather: So this would be a really good game in a place like California where they can’t use a roulette ball to play roulette, they have to use cards. It would be similar to this game right? Where you can use cards instead of the roulette ball.

Dave: Absolutely.

Heather: That is fantastic. That would be great for the casinos that have to worry about that state law.

Dave: Exactly. And like reservation casinos as well.

Heather: Awesome. Cool. I like how easy it is to learn. I like how there is a lot to it. It doesn’t lose my interest. I don’t get bored, but it is not so complicated that I don’t understand it. I really like this game. Now if people out there who also like this game would like to get a hold of you guys, how can they contact you?

Travis: You can go to our website at Flushedgame.com or you can contact me. I am Traivs. My email is [email protected]. Simple as that.

Heather: Fantastic. We have a question online. Are there any side bets or is this whole thing like side bets?

Dave: So the patent application that we have is on the key determination of the number, based on the number of cards. But we have probably 20 more side bet possibilities that we are holding back on because we want to keep the game simple. But if this does catch on we can have more versions for different people's taste.

Heather: Do you have a progressive available?

Travis: No.

Heather : You said the website right?

Dave and Travis: Flushedgame.com

Heather: Thank you guys so much for doing this.

Dave and Travis: Thank you!

Heather: We hope to see this in a casino hopefully soon. Thank you!

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