Grand Slam Casino Baseball at Cutting Edge

Heather: Hello and welcome to Cutting Edge Conference 2019 over here at the Parris. I am lucky to be joined by Nic Mazze. You invented the Grand Slam Casino Baseball, did you not?

Nic: Yes I did.

Heather: That is awesome. That is what we are going to be showing you here today. Nic can you tell me a little more about your game? What is your game like and how do you play?

Nic: So as you can tell it is a sports theme table game. It’s a very highly marketable game and very easy to learn.

Heather: If someone comes up to your table and wants to play what they have to do? How would they play?

Nic: Okay so we have a baseball diamond as a playing field. We have three bases where you have to place an equal bet on each base here. So first, second, and third base. As Heather was saying this is a basic matching game. You don’t need any poker knowledge to begin and play this game.

Heather: Awesome. So the player makes their bets. They make three equal bets right here on first, second and third base. Then we have two side bets that we can play, right? They are The Double Play Poker and the Perfect Game Match. Could you please tell me a little more about these two side bets.

Nic: Yes so we have the two side bets. One is a Double Play Poker and that is taking the six cards and making the best five card poker hand. We actually have a six to eight deck shoe that we use in the game where you get to choose from. The second side game is a Perfect Game Match and those are the first two cards that each player gets and if it happens to be a pair of any sort. So you can have a match of an uncolored pair, a colored pair and a suited pair.

Heather: Okay. So once we have the bets out — now that all the bets are out and ready to go, what happens after this?

Nic: So the dealer will begin the game. In this case – with the one spot there. We will deal two cards face up for the player and then four community cards face down on the pennants. So the first thing the dealer will look for is Perfect Game Match. In this case the 3 - 4 does not match so the player will lose this bet. Then we will begin with the Grand Slam match.

Heather: So with a Perfect Match side bet these two cards have to be exactly the same: a 4 of clubs and a 4 of clubs? Or could you have a 4 of clubs and a 4 of hearts? Would that count?

Nic: Yes, you can have a 4 of clubs and a 4 of hearts, and that would be an uncolored match and that pays out 6 to 1. If you have a 4 of clubs and a 4 of spades, that will pay out 12 to 1.

Heather: Okay.

Nic: And then if you have a suited perfect pair of 4 clubs and 4 of clubs that will payout 25 to 1.

Heather: Okay. Great. Does the player have to do anything after the cards are dealt out? Do they have to make any more decisions at this point and time?

Nic: No at this point there are no extra decisions right now until the first community card is flipped.

Heather: Okay so should we flip over those cards?

Nic: Yes we will begin. So we will flip over the first card on the pennant. It is a 6. As you can see with the player’s 3 and the 4 it does not match with the 6. In that case the player will have the option of stealing the third base. In this case they would because there is no match there.

Heather: Okay, great so they would steal a base and they would pull the bet back so they don’t have to play this bet. Then what happens after that?

Nic: So after that is dealt with, we will deal the second pitch, which is a 4. In this case, in order to win, you have to have a single match of 10’s or better. In this case with the 4 match and a 4 here it doesn’t qualify for a winning hand. So then the player will have the option again to steal the base back or keep it where it is.

Heather: Okay so if this was a 10 and if that was a 10 that would be good and it would be a winning hand? But because we have a 4 and a 4 it doesn’t count and you would not win and that is why we would steal a base. Is that correct?

Nic: Yes that is correct. Now if you are a gambler and want to see the next two cards, the player might want to keep that up in hopes of matching with one of the next two cards and then getting paid at least a minimum of 2 to 1 on the first and second base bet.

Heather: Okay. So after this what happens now?

Nic: So now the final pitch. So in this case with the final pitch the last two cards are flipped. Now the player has not matched with either one of these 2’s as they have a 3 and 4 so they will actually lose this hand and we will take that back. Now with the Double Play Poker Hand, you need three of a kind or better to get paid out on the Double Play Poker. In this case this player has not qualified and I would be taking this bet back as well.

Heather: Okay so let me make sure I have this correct. So because you have a pair of 4s here and they match, that is a good thing. But because it is not a 10 or higher it doesn’t count, so therefore the pair of 4s don’t mean anything? And then because you have a pair of 2s right here but both 2s are on the pitches they don’t count as a match either so therefore you technically don’t have a match and that is why you lost the hand. Is that correct?

Nic: Yes. That is correct. If it happened to be a 2 here where the 3 is, the player would actually have a triple and pairing up with the 4 there and then the two 2s on the community cards there.

So in this case Heather set that up. That would be a double. There are two cards that match with the two cards on the community board. They would get paid 2 to 1 on each spot that they keep their bet on the base.

Heather: Okay. So this is a double because you have two matches. You matched the 4 and you matched the 2 and this bet if we had a bet right here, it would get paid 2 to 1. Is that correct?

Nic: Yes that is correct.

Heather: Sweet! Now after this do we do anything with this Double Play Poker Side Bet?

Nic: Yes, so we would determine if you have three of a kind or better to be paid out with a Double Play Poker. In this case we did not, we just have two pair where the player would actually forfeit that bet.

Heather: Okay. Cool. Can we do maybe another hand? But this time can I play multiple hands and then we can see how it plates out just normally?

Nic: Yes we will set that up for sure.

Heather: Fantastic. Ok let me set the bets up here so that way you guys can see. We will do $10 on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd base, plus $5 on both the side bets right here. We will do multiple hands so that way we can see multiple scenarios going on. Now the minimum bet – is the minimum bet $5 on this game?

Nic: We would keep the minimum bet $5 on the main matching game. And the casino will have the option on the side bets to either a $1 or up to the amount they decide to choose.

Heather: Fantastic. Let’s get this party started and see if we have any winners.

Nic: (Dealing out cards)

Heather: Ok so the first player right here has a 7 of hearts, and a Jack of clubs. The second player has an 8 of hearts and a 5 of hearts. The third player has a jack of diamonds and a queen of spades. Now you are going to go thorough and you are going to do – what is this?

Nic: The Perfect Game Match

Heather: The Perfect Game Match. This is where you are looking for a match on these two cards.

Nic: Correct.

Heather: Well none of these cards look like they match. Oh so you take all the money. Sounds like a perfect casino game right there. Okay so now what do we do after this?

Nic: So the first card will be flipped. We are going to throw at the first pitch on the first community card, which happens to be a jack. Two of the players actually caught on the first card. So they have a winning hand right off the first pitch.

Heather: So since they have a winning hand that means that they are going to leave all of these alone and they are going to win on these because they have a single with this pair right here.

Nic: Yes that is correct. And the second player will have the option to steal their 3rd base back, or keep it on the board. Which in this case makes sense for them to steal it back.

Heather: Okay. So after we steal this bet back, then do we look at another card?

Nic: Yes. The 2nd pitch is turned and then the players will have the option to steal the base or keep the base up there. Now in this case, as we said with the jacks already, they are staging for the remainder of the game. Now the second player will pull back their 2nd base bet because there is no match on the first two cards. The third player actually hit a double on the second card. Now they are getting paid guaranteed 2 to 1 on each spot.

Heather: Sweet! Party time! Okay so do we need to do anything else after this? We pulled back the bet here but everybody else is good. Is that correct?

Nic: Yes that is correct. Now the dealer will throw the third pitch revealing the last two cards. The hand just got better for player one and player three.

Heather: Okay, now I have a question from one of the YouTube people who is watching. They want to know what qualifies as a match. What does it mean when you say match? What are you talking about?

Nic: So with the first two cards, or the two cards that each player gets, you have to match at least one of the cards with one of the community cards. In order to win a single match with one of those cards it has to be a pair of 10s or better in order to win that hand.

Heather: Okay, so 10s or better. So that means we have a jack right here (player and dealer). So we have one match. Now since we have a jack right here (dealer) does that count as two matches?

Nic: Yes.

Heather: Okay and we have queen here, does the queen count as three matches?

Nic: Right so we have a triple with the third player here and that player will get paid 3 to 1 on each of the bases.

Heather: Now would this be the same for a match? What if we take this queen and put it where the jack is. So you have two queens on the table and now you have two jacks on the table. Does that count as a match?

Nic: No so that doesn’t count as a match. So what actually happens is, with the pair that you have as a player, it actually becomes one card. Because you are essentially matching with only one card that is on the board. You have to match with the cards that up here on the community cards. So the community cards here, even though there is a pair on the community cards, the player does not have a queen to match with either of them.

Heather: Okay, so the player has to have the cards in his hand, and he has to match with the cards on here for it to be considered a match. If you have a jack and a jack that is not a match that is just one card?

Nic: Right. Yes. Correct.

Heather: Okay. Are there any other exceptions to matching besides what we just went over?

Nic: Nope. That is it with the matching. That is the only thing with the pair in the player's hand becomes one. The pairs on the board don’t consider being a match with the players hand.

Heather: Okay great. So now that we have turned over all the cards right here do we complete the take and pay procedure?

Nic: Yes. So first we take care of the Double Play Poker, which is your best five cards out of the six that are on board. So in this case the player has hits, a full house, which pays 10 to 1 on the Poker Bonus. And player two actually loses the Poker Bonus, because he did not make a poker hand. You need three of a kind or better. Player one has actually qualified with a triple getting paid 3 to 1 on that spot. To finish the hand we go to the main game which is a matching game and take care of the bets there.

So with a triple you get paid 3 to 1 on each spot. Hitting a triple. Player two does not qualify. So we take that bet back. Player one actually hit a double, so they get paid 2 to 1 on each spot here.

Heather: Fantastic. Awesome. So if people want to find out more about this game, where can they find out more about it? Or if they are interested in putting this in their casino how can they get a hold of you?

Nic: Yes, so we have our website called and our email is [email protected]

Heather: The info is in the description below. I am really looking forward to seeing this in a casino. I think it is going to do very well. Is this in a casino yet?

Nic: No we currently don’t have it in any casinos as of yet. It is a brand new concept, brand new game. We are looking to have a casino host as a field trial. We are going to give them a game for life in that casino.

Heather: Wow. Awesome. So the casino that hosts the field trial will get this game for free for life. That is fantastic. Thank you so much for joining me and explaining this game. I am looking forward to seeing your game in a casino. See ya again next time. Bye.

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