Learn How To Play Craps

Heather: Hello and welcome to Vegas Aces. Today we are going to be doing a really fun livestream. Learn how to play craps with Jeff.

Jeff: Yes, I am Jeff from the Jeff does Vegas podcast, which you may or not have heard of.

Heather: Totally have heard of. By the way I messed that up.

Jeff: That is ok. I can roll with the punches. I am here for your pleasure and service.

Heather: You are awesome, but that sounded so wrong.

Jeff: That sounded really weird and really wrong. That’s ok.

Heather: We teach people how to play and deal casino table games. Tonight it is craps. So Jeff, can you tell people a little bit more about you and your podcast and what you do?

Jeff: Yeah. Sure. So I am Canadian. I am a frequent Vegas visitor. I am here 5, 6, 7 times a year. I come down here and eat a lot. I do shows. I am not a huge gambler. As you found out. You were a guest on one of my early episodes of the podcast. Which I am forever thankful for. Because I have never played a table game before. I always walk past the tables. Everybody always looks like they are having fun. I thought, I need something that's kind of simple to learn. Somebody to help me get over the fear of sitting down at a table and you did that. And you did help me. I didn’t win anything but I did sit down at a $5 blackjack table and I did play a few hands, and it was a lot of fun.

Heather: Well, I heard from a little bird that you actually did win something.

Jeff: Yeah, but it was slot machines so I don’t know if that really counts. I had my first ever hand pay on this trip. Which was awesome. Boo to taxes! What is – ok so being Canadian, if there are any Canadian viewers watching, when you win money whether it be from a lottery or gambling, slot machines, whatever, we get the money. That’s how it works. You win $70 million dollars in the lottery – “Hey congratulations! You get $70 million here is a big giant check and a big giant novelty check and away you go. 30%!! Three - Zero - present!!

Heather: Yeah!

Jeff: So this $1300 jackpot becomes $900. I know there are people out there going boo hoo. Poor Jeff, $900 US which is like 11 million dollars Canadian. But still, it was a little bit tough to swallow right off the top.

Heather: It’s a big chunk isn’t it?

Jeff: I was not a fan. Not a fan of that. So the lawmakers you need to change that.

Heather: And they are actually working on it. There is a law in the works in the moment. I believe one of our representatives or Senators is working on it. They are trying to increase the limit for both slots and table games. So That way people don’t have to pay taxes on such a small amount. Like $1000 or $200 on the slot machines.

Jeff: That was – it was a bit of a shock. I knew it happened because there are companies based in Canada that will help you get that money back. That was the first thing that I did when I got back to my hotel room was start researching that stuff online. But, I guess that is an industry that is keeping that industry in business, but still if I were an American citizen and able to vote – if you were a lawmaker that was taking that out I would be voting for you.

Heather: Could you do me a favor and tell the audience just a little bit more about the companies in Canada that get your money back for you?

Jeff: Yeah – and again this is my first time ever so I don’t know a whole heck of alot about them. I did some research and found a few different companies that actually take care of the leg work for you. So you have to apply for an I-10 number or something. I don’t understand any of this stuff. My wife handles all of the finances in our house. She already has this money spent by the way. You have to do all this application and file all this paperwork and you have to do all of these different things. These companies do charge a commission on the money that you get back, but in all honesty the amount that they charge in the commission, quite Frankly – if I have to pay them $75 - $100 to do all the leg work for me. I will screw it. I guarantee I will screw it up.

Heather: Do you think that they take a quarter of what the government took and then you get 75% back?

Jeff: Yeah the one company that I was looking at took 25% as a commission and then you get the remainder back. It was $400 worth of taxes that got withheld on me. If I am getting $300 US back I am ok with that.

Heather: Okay. Cool. So one last thing before we get started. How can people find you?

Jeff: Lots of different places. I am on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, @jeffdoesvegas. I also have a website with the podcast Jeffdoesveags.com. I am on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, Podbean. Basically if you can find a podcast you can find me. Just look for Jeffdoesvegas.

Heather: Thanks! Well are you ready to learn Craps?

Jeff: I am ready to test your patience like no other student has tested it before. If you have never punched a student in the past, I may be the first. I am not a – well I don’t want to say that I am not a great learner, because that sounds terrible, but accurate. Actually. Kinda where it’s at.

Heather: If I resort to punching a guest on a livestream that is going to be one really entertaining livestream.

Jeff: We may break the internet.

Heather: We are going to go viral!

Jeff: Yessss!!

Heather: Let’s get to this. This is going to be fun. Now when you walk up to a craps table, the first thing that you should know about a craps table is it’s just like any other game out in the casino. So you have your main bet, and you have your side bets. Now the main bet for craps is the Pass Line bet. There are three different variations of the Pass Line bet. The Pass Line bet, the COME bet, and the PLACE bet. They are all pretty much the same thing. And they are all the same main bet. Then you have something called the “aliens” or the “don'ts”. Pass Line and then the Don’t Pass Line. The Don’t Pass Line is exactly the same as the Pass Line except completely reversed. So think “Allison in Wonderland”. One example of this…on the PASS LINE – on the come out roll. So if the puck is marked “Off” that means it’s the come out roll. So that is the very first roll of the game. If the dice rolls a seven, the Pass Line win. The Don’t Pass Line losses. So it’s exactly the same but the opposite. That is what I am talking about.

Jeff: Okay.

Heather: The Come bet has the same thing, it’s called the Don’t Come. The Place Bets have the same thing and they are called the Lay Bets. So all three are exactly the same. So you have one main bet. It’s broken off into three different versions. Each of those versions have a light side and a dark side. Have I lost you yet?

Jeff: Ohhh Yeah!! I can feel the punches coming all ready.

Heather: So when you walk up to the table you are going to make a Pass Line bet, okay? We are putting $100 dollars on the Pass Line bet. You are going to roll the dice. Let’s get you some dice. The dealer is going to give you five dice that are going to be rolled right in front of you. You are going to pick two of those five dice. And then the dealer will take back three of those dice that you are not using. When you roll the dice, you never take the dice above the table. You always want to leave it below the table. One of those things you see in movies is they take the dice and they are like okay, “Blow on it! Here you go!” And they give it to this gorgeous woman and she blows on it and the dice are all the way out of the table, and all the way over here and they are holding it in their hands. They are like “blow it!” And she is covering it with her mouth. Never happens! Dude that would never happen in a million years, ever! Okay! So you always leave your hand inside the table and you never take the dice outside the table.

When you roll the dice, you are always going to want to hit the other side of the table. So these little green pyramid looking things, that is where you want the dice to hit. So you roll it and you try to hit that. So go for it.

Jeff: Okay, this should be fun.

Heather: And “we have a four. We have a four”. If a 4, 5, 6, 8,9,10 get rolled then you have made a point. The puck, which is marked as off, will be turned on and will be marked on the number four. Now there are two things that happen after this happens, a 4 hits you are a winner. If a 7 hits, you are a loser. Super easy right?

Jeff: Is a 7 always bad?

Heather: No. So if instead of hitting a 4, let’s say you hit a 7 or 11, the Pass Line would have won and you would have gotten even money. Now if a 2, 3, or 12 were rolled on the come out roll, the Pass Line loses and you lose your money. Any other numbers a point and that is what we just did. We marked the point (with the puck). After the point has been marked, you either have to hit that number again, or the number 7.

Jeff: So many questions. But that’s ok you keep rolling. I will get it eventually. I have these what I call aha moments where all of a sudden it’s like…”I got it!” And then it will all be all gone by tomorrow. I will be following you again tomorrow. So we can do all of this again and then I can actually go to a craps table.

Heather: That’s ok. More content for the video.

Jeff: There we go.

Heather: Perfect! Okay so let's start off – let's do this again. So you walk up to the table. The point is marked off. That means it’s the come out roll. You put your money on the Pass Line. You are given 5 dice. You decide two of those dice. You go ahead and roll it and hit the back of the wall. Which it’s number 4 again. So the 4 marked ON. So the point is now 4. Now you have to hit 4 or 7. That’s what you are trying to do. You hit 4 you win. You hit 7 you lose. You want 4 you don’t want 7. Go ahead and roll again. 6 is a hard 6. Nothing happens with a 6. All you are waiting for is a 4 or a 7. That’s all that matters. Because of that it’s super boring, right? You throw the dice. Nope not a 7 or a 4. Nope not a 7 or a 4. Nope not a 7 or a 4. This is when the side bets come into play. This is when you make the Come bets the Place bets. This is when you do the side bets like the Field bet, the Hard Ways, that kind of thing, while you are waiting for your main bet to hit. So you have your main bet, which is the 4. And then you have your side bets, which is the Field, Horn bets, it’s the Hard Ways. If you want to make a Come bet, you can make an additional main bet. So you can make other bets while you are waiting for your main bet to hit.

Jeff: Okay. So if I were to take another $20 of magic money and I put it there. So if it were a 3 - 4 - 9 - 10 or 11 then I would win that bet? Even money? Am I making sense?

Heather: Yes you are making sense. So this would be a great example of a main bet and a side bet. Go ahead and take the dice and roll it again. If a 4 hits, your main bet won. If any of the numbers on the field such as a 2 -3 - 4 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 hit then you win. Otherwise you would lose the field bet. So go ahead and roll the dice. So it’s a 3-3. So on the field you can see that there is a number 3, that means that the field gets paid even money on the 3. So your side bet won while you are waiting for your four to hit.

Jeff: Got ya.

Heather: And your 4 is your main bet.

Jeff: Okay. This is slowly coming in. So I could leave that and let that ride if I wanted to leave that. Can I take the money away from there?

Heather: So the field is a self service bet. This Is one of those places where the player is the one that puts the money out and takes the money back. If you want to press it, you would take your winnings and place it on top of this stack. That is pressing it. And you could go ahead and play that again. You are not allowed to have two stacks on the table. You always have to have one stack on the table.

Jeff: Okay, so at this point if I want to make another bet - another side bet, I can throw – Now if I put it in the Come section, what is that doing?

Heather: Now before we get into the Come section I want to explain one thing really quickly. So do you see how we have a Pass Line bet right here?

Jeff: Yes.

Heather: That is your main bet. Now the best bet in craps is your odds bet. You are going to want to take odds behind your Pass Line bet. Now Odds are different depending on the casino. If you are at a casino and it says 2 times Odds, then you have $20 here you could put $40 on your odds. If you are at a casino when it’s 20 times Odds, then whatever your Pass Line bet is, multiply it by 20 and that could be your Odds. This is actually the best bet in the house. The whole entire casino. The reason why is because there is no house edge. No house advantage.

So here’s the thing. True Odds is really good, because there is no house advantage. A house advantage - Do you know what house advantage is?

Jeff: So house advantage – is that like saying blackjack with 6 - 5? Or 2 - 1?

Heather: Something similar to that.

Jeff: 3 - 2

Heather: The house advantage is the same thing as the house edge and the definition of that is how much money the casino makes per bet. So for example on roulette the house edge is 5.26%. If a player is playing $100 per spin they are expected to lose $5.26 per hand per spin. If they play 60 spins or 60 hands in one hour, multiply that by $5.26, that is how much the casino is expected to make from that player. So that is what the house edge is. Now true odds is a 0% house edge. This is why it is the best bet in the house. There is no house advantage. The casino isn’t expected to make money on that. It is the truest odds you are going to get in the casino. For example if a 5 or a 9 hit and you have Odds behind your bet, then it is going to pay 3 to 2. That is the true Odds. It’s exactly what the Odds are and you are getting paid for that. The casino is not making any money off of that. It depends on the number. So a 4 and a 10 pays 2 to 1. A 5 and a 9 pay 3 to 2 and a 6 and 8 pay 6 to 5. And you can remember that by blackjack. So 6 & 8 is 6 to 5, 5 & 9 pay 3 to 2, like 3 to 2 blackjack and then 4 & 10 is 2 to 1 insurance. So if you need a way to remember that, that is a good way to remember.

Jeff: Okay. Alright. I am slightly less confused. You know. The fact that you are still with me on this. This is great.

Heather: We are doing good?

Jeff: We are doing good.

Heather: So let’s do exactly what we did last time only I am going to show true Odds. Or just Odds. Whatever. We have your Pass Line bet which is your main bet. That is your main bet of the whole game and you are trying to hit a 4. You have your Field bet which is your side bet. That is what you playing while you are waiting for the 4 to hit. And True Odds is where you are going to make your money. So let’s just make it easy and make this two times. So you could put up – So $20 is good. You can put up as much as $40. But whatever amount you want it works. If you want to put $20 you could put $20. If you want to put $40 you can put $40.

Jeff: Oh well it’s not real money so let’s do that (he put down $40)

Heather: Here you go $40. Now if a 4 hits, you get paid 1 to 1 or even money on your Pass Line bet, and 2 to 1 on your Odds bet. So you have $40 here you would get paid $80. That’s 2 to 1.

Jeff: Oh that’s nice. Okay

Heather: So go ahead and roll the dice and let’s see what you hit! So hard 4 we have a winner! Hard 4! Awesome!

Now what the dealer would do is they would pay even money for the Pass Line bet, 2 to 1 on your odds. Let me get some green really fast.

Jeff: I am just throwing the money around here. Just throwing it out.

Heather: Ok so we have some green. So we are going to give you $80 for those $40. So you have $40 here and 2 to 1 is $80, so there is $80. And then you get paid even money on the Field. So they are just going to take the red and pay you even money on the Field. Now the button over there get’s turned off, and then we start a come out roll again and it’s a brand new roll. So the point is turned off, which means this is the come out roll. That is an entirely new roll. It’s like a new hand.

Jeff: So it’s all like a reset or a restart. This is the next game.

Heather: Right. So if you are on blackjack, and everyone is taking a turn. The dealer has done it’s thing. We have done the take and pay procedure. We are putting the cards in the discard rack and it’s a new hand. That is what this is. It is a new hand. It’s a new round. Okay so go ahead and pick up your Odds, your Pass Line bet and your Field bet. We are going to try that again, only this time instead of doing the Field, I am going to show you the Come bet.

Jeff: Alright. Okay.

Heather: So go ahead and put your Pass Line bet out.

Jeff: We are doing big money this time. Big cash. I am confident.

Heather: Okay. Sounds good. Let’s make it $50 to make it easy.

Jeff: Okay!

Heather: You have your dice. So you are given your dice. Now because you hit the 4 and you didn’t 7 out, you are given the dice again and you can roll again. If you hit a 7 and you 7ed out, then the dice would go to the next player and then they would shoot until they 7 out.

Jeff: Okay. Alright.

Heather: Go ahead and roll. And we have 11! Yo 11! So when you have a Yo11 the Pass Line is paid even money. And you get to roll again.

Jeff: Oh wow.

Heather: Okay so we are rolling. And the dice are a 9. It’s a 9! So because it is the come out roll, the puck is marked on and it’s moved to the 9. So now what we are trying to do is either hit the 9 again in order to win, or we hit a 7 and we lose. And this is the point after the button has been turned on. This is the point where you want to take odds. So go ahead and put your odds out. So you have $50 out there. So you are putting $50 on the odds? Is that what it was?

Jeff: Oh yes. I am messing up the game again.

Heather: It’s ok!

Jeff: So $50 on the odds but I can double that.

Heather: Right. You can double, because it’s two times odds. So if you have $50 on the Pass Line you can put $100 on the Odds. Very cool.

Jeff: Okay.

Heather: Now do you want to try the Come bet? Or do you want to roll once and we do the Come bet?

Jeff: What do you recommend?

Heather: Let’s roll once and then we will do the Come bet.

Jeff: Okay, cool.

Heather: So we are rolling and the dice are 10. 10 hits. Nothing happened with 10. No one is on the field. So nothing happened and we are sorta bored. So because we are bored, we are going to play that Come bet. So go ahead and put $50 on the Come bet. Now the Come bet, like I was telling you guys before, it is exactly the same thing as the Pass Line bet only it’s a little different.

So the Pass Line bet you are hoping that a 9 is going to hit in order to win the Pass Line bet. So you could tell what number you need to win on the Pass Line because that is where the puck is going to be. The Come bet is going to be all the other numbers. While you are waiting for that 9 to hit. If you roll a 6 that Come bet goes to 6 and now you are playing a Pass Line bet on both 9 and 6. You could take odds on that 6 like so (placing on 6). Now you are playing a Pass Line with the odds on both the 9 and this 6. If you take another Come bet, and a 5 rolls, that Come bet goes to 5 and now you take odds on the 5. So now you are playing 9, 6 and 5. Now the only thing is the Come bet has to hit twice for you to win. So you put your Come bet out. The 5 hits, that’s once. Then the 5 has to hit again for you to win.

Okay I look like I totally confused the crap out of you. If you guys could see his face! Just a second. Yeah I am totally losing him.

Jeff: Told you she is going to punch me. That is how it is going to end today. It is going to end with violence.

Heather: What is your question? Where did I lose you?

Jeff: Well I am going to learn by doing kind of person. So you didn’t really lose me as much as I am deep in thought.

Heather: Do you want to do it a couple of times and that way you can figure it out?

Jeff: Yeah can we try it?

Heather: Yes definitely.

Jeff: I totally got what you were saying. So I put the money on the Come bet and then you roll it. And whatever comes up is where your money goes to?

Heather: Only if it’s a 4, 5,6,8, 9, & 10. These are the point numbers.

Jeff: So if it’s not any of those, my money goes for black?

Heather: Okay that is a good point. That’s a good question.

Jeff: Or does it stay there?

Heather: So if you have your money on a Come bet and the 7 hits. You win. If 11 hits you lose. I think. I just had a brain fart.

Jeff: If you are not sure, I have no idea.

Heather: I just had a brain fart. If a 7 or 11 hit you win. If a 2, 3, or 12 hit you lose. I did have a brain fart. I apologize to all involved.

Jeff: If the 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 hits then it goes up there to that number and then that number would have to be rolled again for me to win it. OMG I got it.

Heather: That is absolutely correct. Yep. And it is exactly the same as the Pass. So your Flat Line would get paid even money. And your odds would be paid true odds. So exactly the same as the Pass Line.

Jeff: Okay.

Heather: Okay. Awesome. Do you want to see what people are saying in the comments?

Jeff: Yes we can do that.

Heather: Craps is the best.

Jeff: That’s what everybody keeps telling me.

Heather: Don’t play the field. No. No. Actually a good point is don’t play the Hard ways or the prop bets. That’s probably the worst for you. The Field ranges from 5.56% to 2.7% around there. It’s around 2% to 5% so it’s not so bad. However if you play the Proposition bets the house edge goes up to roughly 11% to 13% depending on what you have all the way up to 16%.

Jeff: So playing the Field is playing those bets?

Heather: The playing the Field is what you play where its the 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12.

Jeff: Okay the thing that says Field.

Heather: Right. That’s between 2% and 5%. And really that just depends if the 12 – see how it says pay triple on the 12?

Jeff: Right.

Heather: There are some casinos where they pay double on the 12. If they pay double on the 12 the house edge is 5.26% which is worse for the player. If it pays triple on the field. That’s the one you want to play because that brings the house edge down to 2.7% (I think).

Jeff: So that thing that I did right off the hop was like don’t ever do that?

Heather: Yeah.

Jeff: Okay cool.

Heather: You know how you normally do when you are playing a game and you are just learning.

Jeff: And you have no clue what you are doing.

Heather: Yeah and you have no clue. That’s just the way it always is.

Jeff: Awesome.

Heather: Yeah you are doing good.

Jeff: It’s sinking in. It’s getting there.

Heather: Okay so let’s play those Come bets. Let’s see if you can get a tighter grasp on it. We will probably get a good idea of the Come bet, the Place bet and the Pass Line bet which are the major bets that you should learn.

So we are going to start off at the very beginning. We have the button on “Off.” Meaning that it is the come out roll. A come out roll is the very first roll of the hand, or it starts the round. So when you walk up to the table and you want to start betting, you can bet in the middle of it. But if you want to start at the very beginning, wait until the puck is marked as off and then you can start betting.

Jeff: Just out of curiosity, if you are betting in the middle of it, I assume you are only doing the side bets and all that kind of stuff.

Heather: No you can still bet the Pass Line bet. If you walk up to the table, you can put a Pass Line bet and Odds out there but you can’t take the money if the pucked as on.

Jeff: Oh I got you.

Heather: Okay, so the puck is marked as “Off.” We are starting at the very beginning, what are you going to do?

Jeff: I am going to place my bet of a massive $20 on the Pass Line.

Heather: Fantastic. And then the dealer will give you 5 dice. And you will?

Jeff: I will pick 2. And I will not raise them above the level of the table and I will not blow on them.

Heather: Sweet!

Jeff: I will definitely blow on them because I am not a pretty girl.

So I am going to roll them all the way to the end.

Heather: And it’s a 10! And the puck is marked “No” on the 10.

Jeff: I need dice.

Heather: What are you going to do now that the puck is marked?

Jeff: Oh yeah before I need dice I need to place another bet.

Heather: Actually we are doing good right now. So the puck was marked as “On,” so what bet would you put down right now?

Jeff: My Odds bet right?

Heather: Absolutely correct.

Jeff: Okay. You can do that.

Heather: It’s two times Odds.

Jeff: So I am going to double that.

Heather: Fantastic! Okay and do you want to make any bets while you are waiting?

Jeff: Sure. I will throw another massive $20 bet in the Come bet. People are probably saying don’t do that.

Heather: No this is perfect. Do it. Now I can teach you the Come bets.

Jeff: Okay.

Heather: I am just going to make this a $10 bet just to make everything easier for the people that are watching so that way we can get a better idea of the math involved.

Jeff: Got ya.

Heather: So now you are given the dice. You take the dice and go ahead and throw them. And the number is 6! 6 easy 6.

Jeff: Here is $20.

Heather: You never hand the money to the dealer.

Jeff: Never hand it to the dealer. Okay.

Heather: Now the 6 and 8 are a little bit different, because they are a little bit different I am actually going to ask for $4. Actually make it $25.

Jeff: Need $20? Here’s $25. What? Jeff is doing terrible at math. Nobody ever would have called that.

Heather: So with the 6 and the 8 you do it in increments of $6. With the 4, 5, 9, and 10 you do in increments of $5. So with the 6 instead of $20 it’s $24.

Jeff: Okay. Seems confusing but I’m ok with it. As long as the person doing it there knows what they are doing.

Heather: And the dealer will help you. So if you throw $20 at the dealer for a 6 they will tell you to throw $4 more to make it correct. The reason why is the 6 to 5 odds that I was telling you about. So for every $6 out there you get paid $5. Same thing every $6 you put up, you get paid $5. That kind of a thing.

Jeff: Okay. Alright. So now I am going to roll the dice.

Heather: And it is 9! 9! So nothing happens, because it was not a 10 and it was not a 6. Now do you want to place another Come bet to see what happens?

Jeff: Sure why not. So if I just do a little $10 bet?

Heather: Yes. Fantastic. So go ahead and roll the dice again. 7 OUT! Oh no it’s a 7! 7 OUT!

Jeff: So 7 is bad.

Heather: 7 is bad.

Jeff: 7 is bad.

Heather: So all of the bets lose. But all of the Come bets win. The puck is marked OFF and the dice will go to the next shooter.

Jeff: Okay. Well I am going to take my $20.

Heather: Aren’t you glad we are playing with fake money?

Jeff: Hell yah!!

Heather: Craps can be pretty expensive. Especially when you start placing the numbers. Now do you want me to explain what placing the numbers is?

Jeff: Sure why not!

Heather: So I explained to you the Pass Line. How you have $10 on the Pass Line and then you would put $20 on the Odds. I explained to you how you would put $10 on the Come bet and if you roll a 6 it would go to the 6 and then you can put $20 on the Odds. It’s the exact same thing however instead of the Come bet – the Come bet you have to hit a number and then the number again. With the Place bet all you have to do is say hey I want $10 on the 5 and they will mark it up on the 5 and you can take Odds right away. So the Place bet is exactly the same as the Come bet only instead of waiting twice you only have to hit the number once in order to win. Now that seems pretty awesome right?

Jeff: Sure!

Heather: So there has to be some way to balance that out right?

Jeff: Of course there does.

Heather: So with the come but you are getting paid true odds. So a 5 would get paid 3 to 2. With a place bet you are not paying true odds, you are being paid different odds. So let’s see for a 4 and 10 it’s 7 to 9, for a 5 and 9 it’s 7 to 6, and for a 6 and 8 it’s 6 to 7. The Odds are different. Don’t quote me on that. I am probably going to get a ton of comments. The Odds are different okay?

Jeff: Okay.

Heather: There are worse Odds for the player. So that is the compensation for not having to wait for it to hit the number twice, instead only having to wait to hit the number once. Now the Pass Line, the Come Bet and the Place Bet are all the main bets. They are pretty much all exactly the same, just three variations of the same bet and all of those are main bets.

The Field, the Proposition Bets, all of those are side bets that you play while you are waiting for the main bet to hit. Now the Don'ts are exactly the same thing as what we talked about except the exact opposite. Fun right? So with the Pass Line, if a 7 hits on the come out roll, you would win but with the Don’t Pass if a 7 hits on the come out roll you would lose. So exactly the same but the opposite. The only exception is 12. If a 12 hits, it’s a push and nothing happens. Did I confuse you yet?

Jeff: I think no. I think I kinda got it. So basically it’s the opposite. So if you bet on the Pass Line and say you roll a 6 that is the Pass Bet. If you bet on the Don’t Pass and anything other than a 6 gets rolled then you win?

Heather: Right! Exactly! So if a 6 is the point and you have a bet on the Don’t Pass, and a seven rolls, normally you would lose but because you are betting on the Don’t Pass you would win. Because of that reason the house edge for the Don’t is actually better for the players than the Pass Line. But because craps is such a social game, if you have people playing on the Pass Line and you come in and you start playing on the don’t Pass Line, they will act like you are betting against them. Then they are not going to be as nice to you.

Jeff: Okay.

Heather: So just to warn you. Also another thing that is good to warn you guys about, don’t go to a craps table and say the number 7. I don’t care if you are talking about 7 hats, 7 mugs, 7 shirts, 7 strippers on the strip. It doesn’t matter. Don’t say the number 7 while on the craps table, that is extremely unlucky! If you say that and then a 7 is rolled, everyone is going to want to kill you.

Jeff: Got ya! Okay.

Heather: I am trying to prevent your murder from happening.

Jeff: I appreciate that in many many ways.

Heather: Do you have any questions so far?

Jeff: This is amazing.

Heather: I appreciate that.

Jeff: It’s really – you have explained it very very well. I feel like I almost have the confidence to step up to a craps table at like 5:30 or 6 a.m. when no one is around.

Heather: Perfect. So in that case I am going to see a picture on social media of you walking away from the craps table with a ton of money right?

Jeff: Yes that is exactly how it goes right? That’s always how it goes in Vegas.

Heather: Always! That would be so fantastic.

Jeff: Wouldn’t it! Well do they take 30% for craps winnings too? If so I don’t know how much of a fan I am then.

Heather: I guess it depends if they see you walking away with it or not.

Jeff: I guess. Yeah that is how that goes. That is how the IRS works.

Heather: Right! Always.

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