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Pharaoh and the Shuffle

Posted May 30th, 2024

Or how attempts to avoid cheating in card games have influenced scientific and technological progress.

The Role of a Toke Committee in Casinos: How Dealers Get Paid

Posted May 22nd, 2024

A toke committee is a group of dealers who are democratically elected to collect, sort, and count the tips, as well as complete all the associated paperwork necessary to get dealers paid.

New! Check Out Our Vegas Aces YouTube Shorts

Posted Apr 24th, 2024

Join us in a little casino industry humor!

New Free Flashcards! Blackjack 6-5 Payouts

Posted Apr 3rd, 2024

Test your knowledge on 6 to 5 blackjack payoffs.

Casino Insider Secrets: How Casinos Cap Dealer Tips

Posted Mar 24th, 2024

Tokes are incredibly important to casino dealers as we’re paid minimum wage plus tips.

Mastering Etiquette: 20 Key Tips for Interacting with Asian Players in Casinos

Posted Mar 14th, 2024

When you’re dealing baccarat or pai gow, you’ll encounter a majority of Asian players and especially Chinese players so you’ll want to be aware of cultural differences

Lunar New Year in Vegas: Unveiling Casino Traditions, Customs, & Luck!

Posted Mar 13th, 2024

Lunar New Year is actually one of the three largest annual events celebrated in Las Vegas.

The Secret Perks of Dealing Cards: Gifts to Casino Dealers Revealed

Posted Feb 15th, 2024

We're peeling back the curtain to reveal the array of gifts, from the heartfelt, to the extravagant, to the bizarre, that casino dealers are gifted by patrons.

AMA with Michael Shackleford

Posted Feb 1st, 2024

Today I am joined by a special guest, Michael Shackleford with the Wizard of Odds. Ask us anything!

AMA with Special Guest Michael Shackleford

Posted Jan 4th, 2024

Join us as Michael and I ask us your questions!

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