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Player Beliefs and Cultural Differences

Posted Aug 22nd, 2023

William and I talk about player superstitions, the Asian culture, and beliefs that cause odd behaviors. This includes, the number 4, being touched on the shoulder, lucky charms, vacuuming on a certain...

Dealing with Difficult Customers: Part 1

Posted Aug 16th, 2023

William and I talk about how casino dealers and floor supervisors can best handle difficult customers.

Probability with Special Guest Chris from Faces & Aces

Posted Apr 26th, 2023

Join me with my special guest Chris from Faces and Aces Podcast as we answer question about the Probability video from last week and talk about Batman's nipples.

How to Handle Dealer Accidents

Posted Apr 19th, 2023

Learn what the dealer should do if there is an accident on the table or if the dealer makes a mistake.

How to Pitch a Deck of Cards

Posted Apr 12th, 2023

Learn how to pitch a deck of cards in the blackjack style.

How to Protect your game from this Mini-Baccarat Scam

Posted Nov 10th, 2022

In this video you'll learn how to protect your mini-baccarat game from marked cards.

What You Don’t Know About Coloring Up

Posted Oct 31st, 2022

Learn how to color up, what to do during different scenarios and have your questions answered about coloring up.

How to Pass a Dealing Audition

Posted Oct 24th, 2022

Learn how to pass your audition as a casino dealer.

5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Dealing Skills

Posted Oct 20th, 2022

Learn five easy steps to improve your dealing skills today.

5 Horribly Worded Poker Rules that Confuse Everyone

Posted Oct 5th, 2022

5 Horribly Worded Poker Rules that Confuse Everyone featuring Marc Shumsker with True Poker

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