3 Tactics Cheaters Use To Steal

The inspiration for this video was brought to you by a couple of Louie Vuitton thieves over in the Fashion Show Mall.

Learn about the three tactics cheaters use to steal both in a casino and outside of a casino.

Tactic #1: Distraction

By distracting the dealer’s attention, mechanics are free to make their move without being in the line of sight. For example, a player may start a fight near 3rd base, and while the dealer’s attention is focused in that direction, the player on 1st base can successfully pinch or press their bet.

It’s important for the dealer to be aware and keep in mind that if a distraction happens, someone might be trying to cheat on your table. Once you realize this, stay alert, focused, case your layout and always keep your entire table in view at all times. Anything out of the ordinary or any unusual behavior may be a distraction. This may include: two players getting in a fight, a drunk person making a fool of themselves, seeing a naked person or two people having sex, players asking embarrassing or way too personal of a question, or shocking the dealer by smacking their hand or touching them in a surprising way.

Using distraction is a common tactic that thieves use to steal items in plain sight.

Tactic #2: Misdirection

When stealing from someone, misdirection allows the cheater to move the dealer’s body in a certain way that will make it harder for them to see the mechanic work. Cheaters use this when trying to pull off the Savahana on roulette. One player will bet their chips in a certain way in order to make the dealer to move their body in a specific way so that the mechanic can make their move without being caught.

In a normal store setting, a typical thief may ask a lone store clerk to get an item that’s high up on a shelf while another person takes off with a stolen item. Same tactic. Another form of misdirection is a spilled drink. If a player spills a drink at the end of the table, this forces the dealer to turn their back on the other side of the table as they clean it up, making it easier for the mechanic to make the switch without the dealer noticing.

Tactic #3: Team Play

It’s common for these highly effective cheating maneuvers to be done by teams of people. One person will distract or misdirect the dealer while the mechanic pulls off his maneuver. Team play is used on every table from blackjack to roulette to craps.

Team Play is also used to Offsetting Bets. For example, on baccarat, multiple members of the same cheating team will sit on the same game and wager, while the cheater is looking for their marked cards. If the top card isn’t marked then the cheaters will offset their betting, which will do one of two things. It will help disguise their relationship on the table, camouflaging their betting patterns and rendering the scam very difficult to detect.

And by betting against each other with the total amounts that are close to the same, these people can offset their losses and break even on hands where the top-card isn’t marked.


In summary, the three tactics cheaters use to steal are:

  1. Distraction
  2. Misdirection
  3. Team Play

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