How Fast Payouts Transform the User Experience in Online Casinos

As the noise from your speakers increases, and the graphics on the screen become more intense, you realize you've earned a bonus, maybe even hit a jackpot. The excitement is palpable, however, there’s a snag - the winnings haven’t been credited to your account.

Fast-payout casinos have transformed the user experience in online casinos. And it’s not just in the obvious way (faster = better). Fast payouts reflect a lot about the casino’s overall quality. Let’s deep-dive.

Why We Hate Slow Withdrawals

You’ve hit submit, you’re already verified, what’s the holdup? The casino was happy to take your money in seconds, but your withdrawal seems stuck in the ether.

Slow withdrawals are annoying for an obvious reason. It’s your money, yet it takes hours (sometimes days!) for it to arrive in your bank account. It’s almost worth charging interest at that point.

That’s the first thing. But slow withdrawals also mean something else, perhaps something a little more sinister. Some casinos will do everything they can to stop players from withdrawing their hard-earned winnings. These are usually shady at best, and illegal at worst.

For example, when you try to withdraw, they’ll tempt you with an offer that looks juicier than it actually is (e.g. free bets with a high Wage Requirements). Or the company will go through a bunch of extra hoops, preventing you from processing the payment.

No, you want a casino that processes payments quickly and efficiently. This doesn’t always mean instant, but it does mean that you’re not left waiting for an incomprehensible reason.

What is Fast, Anyway?

Ideally, you want a casino that will process withdrawals within 24 hours. Most will be done in an hour or two, depending on the payment method used.

Anything above 72 hours should be avoided. It just reflects a low-quality casino, one that will not only give you your money slowly (or never!), but will likely have inferior quality across the board.

That’s what fast payouts reflect, more than just how quickly you get your money, but everything else on top. It’s the clearest signifier of a high-quality casino, one that focuses on customers, has the right investments in technology, and can offer the best games on the market.

So it’s not just about withdrawals, but of course, it’s the main thing.

Customer Support is Key

Companies who know how to do business the right way are fully aware of the many benefits of good customer service. It helps retain customers, builds relationships, keeps both employees and consumers happy, and keeps the business competitive.

Ideally, you don’t want to have to get in touch with customer service. That would mean that everything is easy, working as you’d expect and that there are no issues. But even the best companies will sometimes come up against a hitch, and you want to be with a casino that can help when needed.

Of course, we’re specifically talking about withdrawals. If there’s some sort of issue, you don’t want an automated email or message. Chatbots are just as useless in these scenarios, so that’s out.

No, you want to be able to pick up the phone, open up a chat window, or send an email to a real person. Someone who will help you speed up those withdrawals when the technology isn’t doing the business.

Fast, Not Irresponsible Payouts

Sometimes, fast does not mean instant. That’s our final message to you, our parting gift. Yes, we want to have our money as quickly as possible. But sometimes, there are legitimate reasons for holding up a withdrawal.

Online scams are on the rise. Identity theft is scarily easy for the savvy hacker. That’s why casinos have all sorts of security measures in place to guarantee that when you ask for a withdrawal to be processed, it’s actually you doing it.

This sometimes means that casinos will ask you for a copy of your ID, or an annoying additional security check. This will often happen if you play with a VPN (as that can trigger alarm bells), change your payment details, or your email address.

When this happens, don’t start screaming at the customer service agent in frustration. Instead, be happy that the casino is covering all the bases. It means that your funds are safe, even if it takes a little bit longer for them to arrive.

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