Marketing is Key to a Successful Table Game

After you’ve finished creating the different components for your new table game, you’re ready for a Field Trial!

The more polished your game is, the better your chances are for casino placement. Once an inventor receives final regulatory approval for their table game, the game is ready to be promoted to casinos for profit. Now it’s time to excite those casino managers by revealing a winning concept.

But… What If I Can’t Get a Field Trial Placement?

Obtaining a Field Trial is difficult, and it takes time. Don’t be discouraged as you keep trying. If you’re getting the same comments and advice about your game, you may need to make some alterations to your original design. Keep in mind that it’s normal for games to evolve over time. Table games that are commonly seen on the casino floor, have gone through several different revisions and many years of tweaking before finding the right combination. If your game couldn’t successfully obtain placement in a casino, then it’s time to look at the feedback and comments being made about it. Re-evaluate your game. Go back to Step 1 and address those suggestions and concerns. Remember, you want your game to be simple, not stupid. Easy to understand and fun to play.

Table Game Marketing 101

Congratulations! Your game has been successfully given a field trial placement! Now the real work begins! To ensure it receives good numbers, there are several factors to be aware of.

Step One: Initial Testing

First, the next 90- day period is crucial as the data recorded will determine if your game moves on to have multiple paid casino placements, or if it fades away into existence. If you want your new game to succeed, we highly recommended fierce promoting tactics provided by the inventor. Keep in mind, the casino won’t market your game for you. When coming up with a strategy, you want to work with casino manager early so you can receive approval before starting. If your field trial is less than 90 days, ask the casino manager for additional days “Because it is not enough time to gather a good sample size.”

Step Two: Game Plan

Second is training. It’s vital that dealers receive proper training on how to deal the game, as well as explaining how to play the game. If your game is too complex or convoluted, dealers may have a hard time dealing it, which could make or break your game. If dealers have bad training or no training at all, this can cause a variety of problems that could lead to the downfall of a terrific game.

Step Three: Big Picture

Table game inventions are booming and in order to compete, inventors must focus on bringing professional products to the table. Just like a new brand of ketchup would need marketing when pitched to grocery stores, your game needs marketing when sold to casinos. That’s why the third factor is marketing or promotions. It’s good to build momentum up to and after your field trial. You want people to know about and be excited for your game, so they go play it during the field trial. This will help with your numbers which in turn will land you more casino deals. Create a list of different marketing ideas and then call the state gaming control board to verify the marketing strategy you want to use is legal and approved. (In Nevada, you can call the Nevada Gaming Control Board at 702-486-2000 Monday – Friday from 8am to 5pm PST)

The following are a list of ideas to get you started:

  • Place a promotional flyer in every room of the casino
  • Facebook Ads
  • Place an entertainer next to the table while handing out free swag
    • Elvis
    • Showgirl
    • Elvis with a Showgirl
    • Magician
    • Mascot
  • Host a party located next to the game where people can meet & greet an influencer
  • Place a large sign next to the game with a marketing slogan or design
  • Host a class on how to play the game while the game is closed
  • Newspaper Ad
  • Website Article
  • Radio Interview
  • Place a sign flipper on the corner of the street

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