How to Play Wild 5 Poker

If you like Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Pai-Gow Poker or Crazy 4 Poker, then you’re going to love this intriguing new casino game!

Located at the Green Valley Ranch Casino in Henderson, Nevada, Wild 5 Poker is a fusion of your favorite interactive games with the object of the game being, to have a higher 5 card poker ranking then the dealer.

How to Make a Wager

The first thing the player will do is to make a bet. The two main mandatory bets that the player must play is the Ante and the Bonus and they should always be of an equal amount. Now that the Players have finished betting on their mandatory bets, they can choose from 3 additional side bets.

Wild 5 is one of those optional side bets, where the player can win if they receive a poker ranking in their first 5 cards. The Bonus and Wild 5 paytables are located right next to their bets. The last two voluntary side bets are for the Progressive Jackpot and each spot requires $1 to play.

One spot is associated with the player’s hand, while the other spot is associated with the dealer’s hand, so that way if either the player or the dealer gets a poker ranking above a Full House, then they’ll win. The Progressive requires you to use your first five cards plus the two community cards in order to make a seven-card ranking hand. If the bet is won they’ll be paid according to the paytable.

When looking at the paytable, you might notice that the top two ranks say 100% and 10%. This means that if these rankings are paid out, the player will receive 10%, or 100%, of the total jackpot amount depending on what hand they have.

How to Play the Game

So now that we understand the layout and how to make a wager, let’s start playing the game. The dealer will use a normal 52 card deck, plus a joker card. The Joker is wild and can be any card the player wants it to be.

First, the dealer will deal out five cards to everyone at the table. You’re only playing against the dealer and not against any of the other players. The player will look at their cards and decide if they want to play all 5 of their cards or if they want to discard one. The player is only allowed to discard one card at a time and no more.

If the player discards a card, then they will place it in the Discard box while placing the remaining four cards face down in the Play box.

Then the Player will use one of the community cards shown on the board in order to receive their best 5-card poker hand. When the player’s cards are in place and they’re ready to continue, then they’ll place a wager on the Play betting circle. This bet should be of an equal amount to your Ante, however, if you have a pair of 8’s or higher than you can double or triple the amount of your original bet. If you don’t like your cards and you want to fold, then don’t bet on the Play wager and toss your cards in.

If you do this, then you’ll lose all of your bets but you won’t have to play that bad hand. If you’re not sure when to fold, then do it if your highest card is a Jack or you have anything lower.

The Dealer's Turn

Now it’s the dealer’s turn and the player will take no further action. The dealer will flip over their five cards and then, after that, the two community cards.

Just like the players, the dealer is allowed to discard one card and use a community card as the replacement. The dealer must qualify with a pair or higher and if the dealer does not qualify then the Ante pushes and the bonuses are paid according to their paytable.

If the dealer qualifies and the player won the hand then the Ante and the Play will win even money and the Bonus bet will be paid according to its paytable. If the player’s cards are the same as the dealer’s cards then this is a tie and the Ante, Bonus and Play bets push, however the Wild 5 side bet will still get paid according to its paytable.

If the player loses their hand then they lose their Ante, Bonus and Play bets. But again, the Wild 5 side bet will be paid according to its paytable. That does it for today; remember to look for this game at your nearest casino to give it a try! And if you don’t see it then you can always put in a request for it with the Casino Manager.

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