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Q: “As the Player-Banker, you need enough money to cover the bets of the individual players, including the dealer, of course. How is this amount determined? Is it determined by the amount initially bet by each player for that round? Or is it determined by the maximum amount a player is allowed to bet and multiplied by the number of players at the table, e.g. 5 players including the dealer, $200 table max, must the Player-Banker have at least $1,000 (plus 5% commission) to be the player banker?”

A: You’re correct, the Player-Banker must have enough money to cover all of the bets on the table, and that amount is determined by the sum of all of the Player’s active bets for that round only.

For example, if there are 4 other players that are all betting $10 each, then you’ll be required to have $40 to cover them all.

You also have to cover the House Bet, which is the amount, wagered by the Dealer against the Player-Banker. The House bet is typically the same amount that you wagered on your previous hand; therefore you can control the total amount of the House Bet.

For example: If you bet $20 on your last hand and then decide to be Player-Banker on the following hand, then the Dealer will put up a House Bet of $20.

Now, taking the scenarios that we just used, if you decided to be Player-Banker, then you would need a minimum of $60 to play. How did I get $60? $40 would be for the 4 other players and $20 for the House Bet.

As for commission, all of the players pay their commission to the house, regardless of who the Player-Banker is. See, just like banks, casinos will charge you a fee for allowing you to play around with their money before taking it back.

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