What's the Largest Casino Winnings You've Seen?

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Q: “What was the largest winnings that happened at your table and what did they do?” ~Nathan

A: The largest jackpot winning that was paid on my table was on Let-It-Ride and the player won $40,000 on one hand. He was so excited he was jumping up and down. The entire table was excited for him, everyone but me. That dude tipped me $40 which equated to a 0.001% tip.

Now, the largest payout I ever had was in the High Limit room. A 25 year old kid was betting around $25,000 per hand and sometimes he’d double down, betting $50,000 in one hand. So a double down win would pay $50,000 for one hand. And before everyone starts commenting, yes, he was gambling with his father’s money and yes, he was a trust fund baby.

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