Casino Stories with Chris & Julian

Heather: Hello and Welcome to Vegas Aces Casino Stories livestream. My name is Heather Ferris. Today I am joined with Chris from Faces and Aces, and Julian and I think Kelly was supposed to be with you wasn’t she?

Julian: She was. She ran off with the five year old. They are out playing somewhere.

Heather: If it means leaving the house I don’t blame them. I have cabin fever too.

Chris: I don’t approve of that decision. They need to stay home. I have some hand sanitizer if they want to borrow some.

Heather: Yeah so Julian here with Vegas Confessions PodCast. Thanks so much for being here on the show. Really do appreciate it.

Chris: Thank you for having us Heather.

Heather: Thank you. Today is a fun one. Today is a grab a beer, sit down, have some fun with some good friends and tell casino stories about Las Vegas and what it is like being in a casino. Christ I am digging your face mask dude.

Chris: Thank you. I don’t know where you all have been. You are all scary people. I have to protect myself.

Heather: Las Vegas is full of germs.

Chris: Yes although I just realized because like you said sit back, relax, grab yourself a beer this is –

Julian: This is going to be fun to watch.

Chris: It’s going to be complicated. Should I pour it under and chuck it through the rag? Like?

Heather: We need to get you a straw. We didn’t really think that through on that one.

Chris: Yeah I am really disappointed. I guess I will ditch that so people can hear me proper. Cheers everyone.

Heather: I was digging the mask though. Cheers. I actually sewed my own mask to go out and everything.

Chris: Oh did you really?

Heather: Yea and I can’t sew.

Chris: What pattern did you use? What did you make them out of?

Heather: I used a YouTube channel. Or a YouTube video. So of course it didn’t look anything like the video at the end of it. I swear I feel like I am going out with a big old tampon across my face. I shit you not.

Chris: Did you get an old pair of pj’s or an old pair of socks. What’s the pattern?

Heather: Here let me show you. Say hi to Pip by the way.

Chris: She picked up the dog, a whole stripe is shaved off the back of the dog. I just shaved off my dog and knitted something out of the fur and here it is.

Julian: I can’t take you seriously with that mask on.

Chris: You should never take me seriously ever!

Heather: So it looks like a tampon doesn’t it.

Julian: It doesn’t help that the one side is red.

Heather: It really feels like it. I really can’t sew. This is really horrible.

Julian: Guys we are six minutes in and my stomach is hurting already.

Chris: That is the weirdest thong I have ever seen.

Heather: I have seen people walking around with a thong or womens underwear on as a facemask.

Julian: Sure. Sure. I saw the picture of the two dudes with their heads together with a giant bra between the two of them.

Heather: Yes! I have seen that. I don’t think that helps people. Have you seen anything really weird or unusual during this well crazy time?

Julian: I think the wildest thing I have seen is a person on twitter that is literally covered head to toe in garbage bags. Just covered.

Heather: Oh.

Chris: Same thing with me. I have seen on twitter, I saw a woman in a big inflatable dinosaur costume going grocery shopping with little T Rex arms. That was pretty funny. Yeah all I can say is people out there are bored as F! I have seen a lot of ticktock videos and it’s like wow! I have seen super creativity, where it is like OMG that is so awesome. I have also seen a lot of crap where it is just like wow.

Heather: Yeah. Are you guys bored? What are you guys doing during this time?

Julian: A lot of PS4 with the kids. Hanging out. Activities. Walks. Runs. More time than we expected. It’s been fun. Today we did family chores. We started shampooing carpets in the house. We are keeping ourselves busy so that is for sure.

Chris: For sure keeping busy. I am lucky that I am still working during all of this. I already worked from home before this so things really haven’t changed dramatically except for the weekends looking for fun things to do. We have busted out with the blackjack felt and played some cards the other night. I just ordered the s'mores maker that arrived today that I am very excited about. So now were are going to make some s'more inside of our house.

Oh the best thing, I ordered a hammock.

Heather: A hammock?

Chris: I ordered a hammock because like we have the space in the livingroom and I am like sure. Basically the idea is to get little things that amuse you and keep your spirits up. The hammock seems fun. I am sure I can take it with me when I go to the beach, or to the park, or camping or anything like that as well. I got myself a hammock and will be enjoying that a little bit later this week.

Heather: Cool. Right on. Hope we get to see pictures on Twitter.

Chris: Oh for sure.

Julian: I am just picturing a couple more drinks and him wrapped up like a cocoon.

Chris: Stupid hammock! A picture of me wrapped up and the hammock next to the trash can.

Julian: With your mask on!

Heather: So Mr. Chad in the chat he said that a guy at a local grocery store wore a space suit when he went grocery shopping. That is one thing that he saw.

Chris: That is awesome! Like a full on NASSA Suit?

Heather: Maybe or maybe like a hazmat suit?

Chris: If it’s a space suit then when you are reaching for produce you kinda go in slow motion. Right? You just reach slowly.

Julian: The best part is walking around the store looking at everybody like, what’s wrong with you? Where is your space suit?

Heather: Well when you go to the grocery store they all look at you funny if you are wearing a mask or not wearing a mask or whatever. You might as well go in a Cosplay outfit or a space suit, or a cowboy outfit with a bandanna on. You know, it all works.

Chris: I totally want to get a cowboy hat and go to the bank and say reach for the sky!

Heather: So how do you guys see what’s going on right now with the Coronavirus. How do you see that affecting how you are going to play in the casino in the future?

Julian: Honestly myself, I don’t know if it will affect my play. I think obviously bankroll is sitting and not being messed with but for the most part it’s how soon can we get back to the casinos. That is one thing we were talking about on the podcast. What does that timeframe look like? Is it going to be Indian reservation casinos opening before Vegas? Does it spiral down the ladder? Or what does that look like? I think the biggest thing – I wouldn’t change anything. It’s going to factor when our next Vegas trip is going to be. We were lined up for May. I think the last week of May and they were just getting ready to announce. We had a couple friends that were having a wedding out there and this happened so now it is on pause. We are going to see what the next trip is going to look like getting back to the city and getting with friends and hanging out.

Heather: Yeah that really sucks. Then on top of it your friend having to cancel their wedding. I am sorry. This whole thing has upended everyone. It’s crazy. How about you Chris?

Chris: I am itching to get back as soon as I can. Honestly I miss the city so much. I miss seeing my friends a lot more than the gambling. I do want to enjoy a little bit of gambling. I actually bought myself a gambling glove.

Julian: A gambling glove?

Chris: It’s got some nice texture. Here I will put it on.

Julian: Hit me! Give me those dice.

Chris: I want to write right across the finger, hit me. Then write stay on the palm and be like stay! But you know. The camera will see everything. I joke around with everything but chips are the filthiest thing! On the planet.

Heather: Yep.

Chris: We have been grabbing them then scratching our eye or our nose. I want to protect myself the best as I can. This will help me remember not to touch my face after touching chips. I can slide this on when I am playing slot, doing some slot play or whatever. It’s a bit goofy. Maybe a bit overkill but I feel good about it. I don’t care if people stare at me, I will just be like Michael Jackson. If Michael Jackson did it, I can do it.

Heather: I think everything is going to change after this. It will be interesting to see what people do differently and what stays the same when playing in the casino. Now that’s not one of the weirdest you see when playing in the casino. When you go to a casino you see some pretty strange stuff. What is the craziest, weirdest, strangest thing you have seen while in a casino?

Julian: There are some good ones. I think the wildest one is, we have expressed lately how different card rooms and casinos here in California operate differently. One of the ones here lately we have been going to before the shutdown is a card room. They allowed you to eat while playing blackjack. So you literally had people hitting stand while they have a french fry in their hand and it’s falling on the table. Whooo. Whoo. It’s the first time I have seen gambling on the table while eating. That has been a first for me. We have seen people eating while playing slots. I do that myself. But for the most part eating at the table is a big one for me.

Heather: Yeah.

Chris: Probably the craziest thing I have seen inside the casino is a dude who was playing blackjack. It looked like he had been going for at least two days. He had the wrinkled shirt, the hair that was all greasy and messed up. He was just on a bad run. Finally after that run he just tried to flip the table and couldn’t do it. He started throwing his hands on the table screening you took everything. I am ruined! He just threw a fit in the casino. The dealer took it in stride. Silently watched him as he had his little fit. Security was on him pretty quick. That is the worst, craziest thing in the casino.

Heather: That is crazy. When players start having their temper tantrums it can get pretty interesting pretty fast.

Chris: Yeah the dud was yelling and his face was getting all red. I never want to do that again. Never. I mean –

Heather: When security arrived did they tackle the guy or was it kosher?

Chris: Well no. They just kind of linked arms with the guy and walked him off. He kind of went along. He knew he was out of line. It was, yeah.

Heather: It’s fun when you see security run after them and tackle them. It’s pretty interesting.

Chris: I saw that in Hard Rock. A couple weeks before they closed. Between the outer door and the inner it’s basically like a fish tank. These guys were chasing this guy around in that area. It’s basically like watching fish swimming in an aquarium. Until they finally tackle them it’s like flopping against the glass. It’s like wow!

Julian: Everyone is on the table making bets. I got $20!

Heather: Yep all the players are betting on who is going to – yep!! That’s such a casino. What’s the over/under on that fight?

Chris: I bet he’s going to get out of the headlock.

Heather: One time I was dealing at a casino and these people went to the cage to try to cash a counterfeit check. They had gotten away with it a few times so they thought they could keep getting away with it. The casino was starting to get wise on them. So they waited for a while, waited for a while. Security got into place and everything. When they finally figured out that the casino had figured out what was going on and they have been had. They started running. They ran past the blackjack tables. I was what the heck just happened? Four or five of the security guards were running past after them. They are literally running full speed. It’s to the point where the guy jumps and goes and grabs the legs and they all fall together and they all tumble on the floor actually fighting. Oh yeah it’s just another Friday in a casino. Yeah look at that it is pretty interesting. Okay let’s go back to work.

I have told this story a million times so I am not going to tell it again. But we saw a guy take a shot glass and smack it over another dude's head and there was blood everywhere. I think that is the worst one I have ever seen.

Chris: Wow!

Julian: That is one thing the gambling in the casino dynamic will change people. Whether you are there for an hour or two hours. When I first get to the table everyone is happy and everyone is having a good time, we are joking, no big deal. Twenty minutes later it starts to go down hill. Third base is pissed off at 2nd base and can’t stand them. This guy doesn’t know how to play blackjack all of a sudden. Why are we even here? It's the dealers fault. It can change really quickly.

Chris: I will be honest, I have seen more women fighting in Vegas than dudes. When they have a fist full of hair and they are doing the wild haymaker swinging at each other's head. I think it is like that because women tend to fight longer like that. With a dude fight typically it’s one punch and someone is on the floor. They get over really quick. But the women fight, no one breaks that up. Everybody likes to watch.

Heather: Usually when they are fighting they are wearing short shorts or short skirts and like tops that are barely holding their boobs in. Everyone is like oh is something going to fall out. Are we going to get flashed? Is this going to be an interesting show? Get the cameras out. Get ready.

Chris: Right, Right!

Heather: Yeah we do have a lot of chick fights too. So going to the comments –

Chris: Hi Pip!

Heather: Yeah she is like ohhh what are you doing? I haven’t cared about you all day. Now I want to know what you are doing. We have a couple comments in here.

Q: Skillandluck says, “Do you think the casinos will clean the chips now?”

A: I was told by a few people that work in the casinos that the last two or three days after the casinos closed a few of the upper management and floor supervisors, shift supervisors, spent the next two days doing nothing but cleaning. Cleaning the tables, the chips, everything. That is all they did was clean. Everything is closed. Nothing is being touched for however long we are closed for. When that opens everything will be clean and pristine and everything should be fine.

A: Chris: There was also a story in the Review Journal about the one company in Vegas that does actually clean chips and they have been working non-stop. Apparently they have a machine that will bake the chips to a certain degree to kill any bacteria or virus that is on it. I don’t know – they didn’t name which casinos that were doing it but I do know that it is being done.

A: Heather: That is good to know.

Q: Wildcat asked, “Does anyone think Vegas can enact safe protocol if they open May 1st?

A: Julian: Wow that pushy. It seems like it is a little closer than people are comfortable with right now.

A: Heather: Yeah.

A: Chris: That is two weeks from now.

A: Julian: Yeah.

A: Chris: I think it can be done. There is an element of risk opening this early. But I think it can be done. Probably not open the craps tables. Maybe change the blackjack tables to three seats instead of six. Slot machines every other slot machine turned off. Basically just do all the safety or social distancing protocols they enacted before they closed. It can be done. I am not questioning if it is a wise decision or not. If you go it’s on you. That’s a risk you are willing to take. And socially is it a responsible thing to do?

A: Heather: Yeah.

A: Julian: And that is a big part of over here that is what we are hearing about local casinos here. They are naming June 1st as the opening date in the valley. We will see. It can change for Vegas. Who knows.

A: Heather: Yea that is what I have heard too that it might be June 1st.

Heather: Going back to the lighthearted fun stuff, Julian your PodCast is VegasConfessions. I was wondering two things, one, what is your craziest Vegas confession and two, what is the craziest or most wild confession you have heard someone tell you?

Julian: Okay. Wildest? Let’s start of with – that’s obviously, Vegas. Vegas – I always get the people that mention that they like to go to Vegas with their friends and have a good time. Well, let’s say a group of five guys went together and they met up with a group of five or more girls in Vegas and they all went back to a penthouse not knowing each other. They all had some fun the whole night. Hung out until the next morning until they all had to leave Vegas. They had breakfast comfortably and then all went their separate ways. They all went to breakfast. Like wow hats off to you guys. You have standards.

As far as wildest for myself, going to Vegas for me was an experience at first with the wife. She was like let’s go to Vegas. I fell in love with it. She obviously already loved gambling and stuff so it made it even more of a reason. She is for us getting back to Vegas. I think my biggest wow moment was the very first time I told my wife do you want to go to a strip club? She said without hesitation sure, where are we going? I was stuck under pressure, like oh shit where are we going? I didn’t think a yes was going to come from this, you know. Since that first time we have been to like three or four. We have been with friends, we have had group trips there. It’s, for me it’s like that was really surprising. I didn’t know. I know how some people are they are uncomfortable. She was like where are we going, where is the cab, where are we headed to? Holy shit slow down we're not going yet. I just wanted to know.

Heather: It sounds like you have a good catch there.

Julian: I think so. Yes, yes, yes!

Heather: Awesome. Now do you guys have any crazy strip club stories?

Julian: Strip club stories would be getting friends who are not used to that kind of environment, getting them there and secretly paying for lap dances for them. That is always fun, because when the strippers come and get them and give them a dance. They are like where are we going? You just gotta go. So then it becomes a game of just go. It's going to be ok. And they don’t know what they are in for. So they come back all happy and embarrassed. That is probably my favorite.

Heather: That’s awesome.

Chris: I wish I had a story. I have never been to a strip club in my life. Except for one time I accidentally walked into a strip club because I saw a sign outside that said ATM. You know when you walk in it’s super dark, so you don’t really see a lot. I am like oh there is the ATM and I walk over and do my business, counting my bills then I look up there are tits everywhere. I didn’t mean to go here but okay.

Julian: Did you ask for the ATM?

Heather: I was going to say how long did you stay after that?

Julian: Someone point me in a direction.

Chris: Yeah super weird, $200 in all singles. I didn’t know ATM give out singles. Who knew. I have never been to a strip club in Vegas but I did have my junk grabbed while playing video poker at the California.

Heather: Oh just at the casino?

Chris: Yeah I was sitting playing video poker having a beer with a buddy and some very very drunk –

Heather: Your buddy grabbed you?

Chris: No! No! That was way later in the evening. Let’s not jump ahead. So we are sitting there playing video poker and a woman comes up and she is super drunk and she starts playing video poker next to us and she is talking about how her husband is not getting it done for her. She is like – the conversation is going everywhere. She is like look at me I dressed up as the UPS man for halloween. She is showing us pictures on her phone. She is like look and she is zooming in and I gave myself junk. She is wearing the UPS brown shorts and she has a dong pack to the right of her shorts. She is like what about you guys? Which side do you guys pack? Then she reaches over and grabs my jock. Meanwhile, out of shock I was like (laughing). She is like ok? Then reaches over and grabs the buddy. He is shocked. We just looked at each other and I was like think we just got #MeToo’d.

Heather: Well I was just about to say if she grabbed you does that give you permission to grab her tits? Is this a mutual thing here?

Chris: Well it’s kind of funny, because like the husband came rolling up while she was hanging out there. He was like this sweet little Filipino dude and he had a T-shirt on that said Free Egg Roll and an arrow pointing down to his dong. That was on his T-shirt. This poor dude. How does his wife treat – he seriously is like cool dude to me. Come on dude get it done.

Julian: Chris is like, I am trying to get my egg roll free right now. Can I help you?

Chris: This happy little guy walking up, “Hey how are you doing? What’s going on?” We are like, “Nothing is going on, absolutely nothing.”

Julian: He is high fiving you while she is grabbing your junk. We are making a real connection here guys.

Heather: That’s Las Vegas for you. Usually when women come up to you and they grab your junk they are usually they are like so –

Julian: You can find them at most blackjack tables at any casino in Las Vegas.

Heather: So do you guys have any – we talked about the sexual stuff, which is awesome. I don’t know why but when I do a podcast it always goes sexual. If you guys ever – Chris you know. Starfleet underground you know right there.

Chris: You are totally dirty. You are so dirty. You are so filthy.

Heather: Do you guys have any uplifting stories or anything really like feel good type of stories that would probably help out during this time?

Julian: The ones I like are when random people come together. It is very rare that it happens in the casino. But one thing I always express to people is that that’s kind of how I break down the game of craps. It’s one game where you can literally be strangers and walk up and know nobody. But a couple minutes in and you are on a hot roll boy you are instantly best friends, and slapping high five like you knew the guys since you were seven.

It’s funny because one time in Laughlin, me and Kelly were on a craps table, and we saw this guy who was just – before he rolls obviously you know the people that sit there they shake the dice and throw them in the corner. Everybody has a routine. Well this guy, he was just toss – he had a certain toss. I kept telling Kelly, “This guys is like concentrating he is going to do good.” She was like ok.

We don’t always – well back then we didn’t always play the bonus bet, the All Tall Small toss. So we are like let’s try it. His first roll – we just noticed that he didn’t talk much. He was just rolling the dice, kept hitting point after point. So now we almost got the bonus filled and I think we needed a two. So we are waiting and cheering him on. He 7s out and everybody is like ohhhh. He was like I am just here to have fun. I am just trying to roll the dice. Well, this guy – everybody starts passing the dice. They are like let him roll again. He was the only one that did anything the whole night. So we were like yeah, so everyone passes and it gets back to him. Then everyone but a five dollar bet on the All Tall Small, right? So we have $5, $5, $5, $15 on the bet. This guy is doing his thing. He starts to roll. He said before, “You guys are crazy, I don’t play that. You guys are making me feel a lot of pressure.” Right? I don’t play that stuff. Hopefully you guys win.

He hits this thing and everybody goes nuts. Just because you know we done let everybody pass, he hits the All Tall Small. We are up now about $1000. Everybody is having a good time. This guy is just standing there. He is happy he hit his point, we made some money. Then we all stopped and said wait a minute, he didn’t make anything on this roll like we did. He was just rolling. He was just practicing his shot. So it’s one of the random times that you can just tell someone to do with their casino money, but because we all won – I told Kelly I am going to give that dude $50. I am going to give him two $25 chips. The guy next to me, the lady next to him, Kelly and three other people on the craps table, everybody walked over to him and gave him $50 in chips. This guy is like, “Guys you don’t have to do that.” I said dude this is just a part of the game. You made everybody money, the least we can do is give you back some you know.

The very next morning we went down to the table, guess who was betting that bonus bet? Yeah so it was cool to see everybody come together, tip them out a little bit, and then of course we all play a little bit longer. But yeah it was one of the most random places where people can all come together and have a good time.

Heather: That’s really cool.

Chris: Yeah, I agree with Julian, meeting strangers is one of the best things you can do. Well it’s also one of the most dangerous things you can do. It’s kind of worked out so far. I mean Heather I met you in Vegas, Julian I met you in Vegas and you two I consider very good friends. If not for Vegas you all wouldn’t be in my life. I am very grateful for that.

Probably the most interesting story, kind of uplifting – it didn’t happen in the casino it happened on the way to Vegas. I actually picked up a hitchhiker once on the way to Vegas. What happened was, I was driving from Los Angeles to Vegas, it is roughly a 3.5 hour drive. About an hour and a half in there is a small town called Barstow. I pulled off there to get a morning breakfast sandwich at Burger King. They had the two for two dollars. So I got myself two Burger King breakfast sandwiches. As I am pulling back on to the freeway to get back to the 15, I see a dude there and he has a walking stick and a couple pieces of luggage. He has a box with a handle that has holes punched throughout the box and some more sticks on the ground that are like sharpened to a point. It took me – I had like three seconds to decide: do I keep going on to the onramp and ramp up to full speed or do I pull over? I made a split second decision and pulled, backed up, ran him over and took off and that is the story. No!

Heather: There we go.

Chris: No. I rolled down the window, I was like where are you headed? He was like, “I need to get over to Henderson, my family lives there.” Mind you this is in the middle of the desert where there is one town. It’s summer time so I know it’s going to get hot soon. I was like ok buddy get in. What’s in the box? He was like, “It’s my cat.” I was like ok cat goes in the back seat.

Heather: Hopefully the cat is alive.

Chris: I don’t know I didn’t even look. Could have been like it’s my cat and he pulls out a dead cat.

Heather: Oh no!

Chris: But I am like buddy you need to do me a favor, all of the sticks especially the pointy ones they go into the trunk. He was like, “Oh yeah that is fine.” We are driving out to Vegas and I gotta ask him. Wait a minute it’s like 6 o’clock in the morning, how are you in Barstow hitchhiking? He said, “Well I was supposed to go to Vegas with a bunch of girls last night. They picked me up, and we pulled out here to go to the bathroom so we all went to the bathroom. When I can back out they took off without me.” I was like oh that is jacked up. So jacked up. I was like bro what’s your story? He was like, “I just walk the earth.” He was like Kane in Kung Fu. He is just walking the earth, meeting people and going on adventures and his family is back in Henderson. He just wants to do a pitstop there before he goes to walk the earth some more. I got lucky and took him there. Everything was fine. We chatted the whole way there. He was a sweet guy and everything worked out.

Heather: Cool. I am glad it worked out. That is really cool. It’s good when –

Julian: It's the definition of a true gambler right there.

Heather: Yes. I don’t think I would ever do that.

Chris: Yeah, I don’t think I would ever do it again. But you know what really got me was the box with the holes in it. I am like there is an animal in there.

Heather: Yeah again I hope it was alive. I hope everything is kosher and good. It’s a little weird, you know.

Chris: My reaction is like the animal, not the human.

Julian: Yeah that poor animal is in a box at six in the morning! I should help him.

Heather: Well Las Vegas is full of interesting characters. You just see the craziest people here. I am not really saying crazy people, I am just saying they are very interesting. Complex! People are very complex I should say.

Chris: Yeah.

Julian: I will say crazy.

Chris: I will say crazy too. There is nuking futs out there.

Julian: Being able to people watch. My favorite.

Heather: Yes, Las Vegas is the best place to people watch. I swear. Just don’t get involved with those people, it might not turn out good. I have one story and then if you guys can do me a favor and tell me your story about your interesting characters you have met.

One of the interesting characters here actually lives in my neighborhood. I know her pretty well. She was telling me this story – first of all the stories she tells me I really could – it’s really insane some of them. One of these stories, she went to downtown. She meet a group of people, they were having fun. They were having a blast. It’s like 4 A.M. in the morning. They decide, hey we should go to this guy's house and his house is like five minutes from downtown. Okay cool. So they go to his house. They open up the apartment, she thinks it would be a good idea to run in and close the door and lock it on everyone. And she does this for 30 minutes. So they are banging on the door, “Let us in!” After 30 minutes she finally opens the door and they come in and they mug her. They kick the crap out of her and take all of her stuff. Instead of going to the police, she decides to walk around downtown and look for them. Because that is a good idea.

Chris: Of course! Sure! Yeah.

Julian: I need my iphone back.

Heather: Right? Exactly! Oh man, so this is like she has had no sleep. Her clothes are torn. This is like part of the characters that you have in Las Vegas.

Another time, this is a completely different story, she called me up and she asked me to pick her up at the hospital. By the way, she asked if I could bring some clothes. She said she was handcuffed to the bed and I don’t remember what happened. I was like ok I will be right over.

Chris: This is a friend of yours?

Heather: Ish!

Chris: We need to party with her.

Heather: Well I will totally introduce you one day.

Chris: For sure! You have no idea where that night is going to end up.

Julian: For the record it is really notable to mention how good of a friend that Heather is that she keeps handcuff keys on her. So we should start hanging out. We need more friends like you Heather!

Heather: It’s Las Vegas! You need them.

Chris: Heather knows how to pick a lock!

Heather: Yep. So what interesting characters have you met?

Julian: (sneeze) Oh excuse me. My biggest one that stands out to me was when I was staying at the Flamingo.

Chris: (Covers his face with his mask again) Nope!

Julian: So a couple of years ago I was staying on the strip. I was hanging out right there as – there is a walkway that I remember. I think it was Cesars is right across the street where this light is, in between the food court in between Harris – O'sheas. In that area. I remember I was sitting there one night and I had my camera on. I was putting some b roll shots together for YouTube and I was sitting there and a group stops by. They are all hanging out and I am sitting on a little ledge having a Corona and I am just sitting down watching people. It’s me and a buddy Shane who is in Vegas Confessions in the beginning. We were hanging out and just random people walking by and of course we were people watching.

This guy comes by and he says, “What’s up bro?” I said, “Hey what’s going on?” He sits right next to me and he is like just sitting here laughing at people. You know there are some women walking by and he is cat calling people. A lot of these women he knows who the hookers are and he knows who's not working, right. So this guy is like, “Oh man, I drive dump trucks here in Vegas and come here and just hang out. He is like, “See this one in the white skirt right now she is working.” I was like, “What are you talking about dude, you don’t know her.” He was like, “I know all these women out here. I am out here every night, I can tell you who's working. He is like, “Red skirt right here she is not going to acknowledge me right now because she knows that I know what she is up to, right?”

So she walks by and he is “Hey, hey, like red skirt, red skirt. You were talking to me two nights ago how come you are not going to talk to me right now?” He knew who was working and he is calling out the girls that are working on the strip. “Hey girl you know you want to talk to every other man, why don’t you talk to me?” He knew every person that was working. After a while I start to believe him. I am like, ok he is telling the truth. Sure enough every girl that walks by who he said is working is like look this one is not even going to look at me because she knows I know. Sure enough these girls walk by, cold shoulder, act like he is not even there. A lot of them would ignore him because they look at him and they knew that he knew them. They also knew that he was telling me what they are about. So they are like, “Oh this guy again.” I was like you out here all the time? He is like, “Every day!” Good times man!

Chris: Man I wish I could think of crazy people stories. I can’t think of one. I am using people that I have met. I have met some very colorful cab drivers. I had a cab – I had me and a buddy – by the way just for the record the person that was with me at the California when we got our junk grabbed, that was also Shane. I think Shane is the connecting factor to the weird stories in Vegas.

Heather: Some people just have the energy. They just attract it.

Chris: Yeah, yeah for sure! Shane is that guy. He has a really cool pod cast called Strange Uncles. If you like paranormal weird stuff that happens in this world, check out strange uncles podcast it’s really good.

Heather: We seem to have a group of those types of people here in Las Vegas the Area 51 people who you know really like the aliens, and listen to all that interesting paranormal stuff.

Chris: Yeah.

Heather: Have you guys ever done the haunted house on Charleston near downtown? Zach –

Chris: Oh Zach Bagans?

Heather: Yeah.

Julian: No. I haven’t.

Chris: I haven’t done it but sad to say that is one of the places that are not going to open after the shut down. That is what I have heard.

Julian: It will be interesting on that topic to see what is still around and what’s not around. Who has been able to hang on. There are a lot of little places that we would love to visit, that I am afraid are not going to be there the next time we get back.

Heather: Especially downtown you had all those quaint little bars and everything. Or hole in the walls that would have all this really fun things to do. Really interesting and ingenious marketing for some of them. I agree.

Chris: Sorry didn’t mean to bring it down.

Heather: It’s okay. It’s a roller coaster right?

Chris: Yeah. Yeah.

Heather: So Jeffery in the chat said at Buffalo Bills he was playing craps and he was at the end of the table. He got hit so often with the dice that he asked the pit boss for a life insurance policy.

Chris: Dice are sharp. If you take one of those corners to your eye you could go blind.

Julian: Especially if you are constantly getting them thrown at you all night.

Heather: That is one of the things about being a dealer. When I was learning how to be a craps dealer I didn’t realize you know, dice are out, move your freaking hands because they are going to hit you. It would be unlucky and people would be really mad at you if you didn’t move, you know!

Chris: Yep, yep.

Heather: Let’s see. Is there anything you guys would like to talk about?

Julian: Just for the most part for me I know it’s rough, it’s a tough time. Being able to do this and chat with you guys, this is a highlight. It’s kind of a free – Vegas get away. You are my Vegas people. I was talking to Kelly, and I was like hey we are going to chat with Heather and Chris later. She is like okay. It’s funny because this week and last week has been the most productive that I have been for the podcast just because I have nothing else going on. Let’s see what gambling documentaries I haven’t watched.

So for the most part it has a been a little rough and I do get board. I also have a lot of people to reach out to. Chris is a phone call away. He knows the same for me. A lot of our Vegas community are always a text away. That is one thing that I like, I am still getting text even though Casinos are closed. Everything about people. It’s like hey what do you think about these dates if I have them planned do you think I should cancel my trip? I am like, yeah I wouldn’t know. Let’s see how this thing plays out. Everything is up in the air. With that being said, I told my wife I am like, let’s take this day by day. We can’t let it take us down. We gotta stick around each other. Being around the family is the most important thing. Being able to get free and get out of all of this stuff is probably the highlight of all of this but for the most part getting back to what we used to do and what we love about this city and the people and the connections that we make. That is what I am looking forward to the most. How am I going to occupy the next trip? It doesn’t matter if it is five, six, seven dates there's never ever enough time to do what you want to do in Vegas.

Heather: Yeah. Thank you so much for being on and for doing this. I hope I can have you guys back to do this again. It is so fun.

Julian: Any time!

Chris: Any time! Absolutely! I would recommend people to go ahead if you haven’t already and follow Heather on Twitter, follow Julian on Twitter, follow me on Twitter jump into our conversations. We are talking about Vegas all the time. Just to keep that flame alive. I do want to give a shoutout to all the essential workers who are keeping society running. The people working at Costco. The people working at the grocery stores. People working at the hospitals. If not for you guys society would totally fall apart. Quick shout out to them.

Also if you want to do something for Vegas, the point that keeps getting brought up that I have see is that Vegas is going to have a little bit of a lag time in terms of recovery. Most people will go there with disposable income. Since disposable income is really tight right now, Vegas – everyone else's economies will come back online but Vegas a good six months later. If we can do a little bit of shopping, find some of the places you enjoy eating at Vegas. Buy a gift card. Keep those businesses running.

Like I just bought some coffee from a place from downtown. Next week I am going to buy a few gift cards from places that I like to eat at. Throw a little money their way if you can just to keep the economy going. Without tourism they are just crushed. They really depend on us. If you love Vegas try to do that.

Heather: Thank you guys. Thanks so much! For everyone that is watching please tell them how they can find you. Where they can follow you.

Julian: You guys can follow me on VegasConfessions on twitter. There is a Facebook group. I am Julian Ramero I am 559 on most social media platforms. Again like I said, this community has been the greatest. Chris, Heather you guys – this is always a lot of fun but seriously the way this community comes together. There is no gambling going on and look we still take the time to get together and BS about it and have a good time and still smile. Again, this is awesome!

Chris: Julian are you buying lottery tickets like I am?

Julian: I am scratching down at the bottom you can’t see me. I am doing a pretty good job of focusing?

Heather: Very good.

Chris: You gotta scratch that gambling itch man! I never played the lottery, California lottery. I swear during this time I must have bought five or six lottery scratchers. I am like come on!

Julian: I will tell you what we were just talking about scratching that itch, you gambling online. Whatever it takes. That is one thing I have mentioned on this show, we kinda had a big laugh about it. Me and Kelly are so degenerate, we have been betting on three vs three basketball in South Sudan, table tennis. You are talking about three vs three hockey in Russia. What the hell!

Heather: You know it’s going to be bad when you start betting on how fast the delivery driver can get there.

Chris: I am like finding places for Norwegian ice fishing. You know it gets bad when you start betting on kids playing video games.

Julian: Yes, that is coming too. They have esports coming.

Heather: Yeah esports!

Chris: Esports are legit. But I am talking about Timmy playing Fortnight. When you start betting on little Suzzy playing Fortnight then maybe you have a problem. You might want to call the fun stocks number.

Julian: Come on Vegas, hurry up.

Heather: Thank you guys so much for being on.

Chris: Wait hold up Julian you gave out the wrong Twitter address it was @Vegasconfesspod

Julian: But the group is on Facebook. Yeah.

Chris: You all can find me on Twitter FacesAndAcesLV Pod

Heather: Thank you guys so much.

Chris: And you can check out my podcast too. Go to Julian's podcast Vegas Confessions and listen to my podcast Faces and Aces Las Vegas.

Heather: Thanks guys!

Chris: Thanks Heather.

Julian: Be safe all.

Heather: Bye!

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