What is your Craziest Casino Story?

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Q - What is the craziest thing you have witnessed or heard of as a dealer?

A - Oh I have so many crazy stories. That is a hard one. I can think of several stories that would win that category such as the highroller that took a crap on the craps table. Or the couple having sex at the slot machine as the woman continues to play the slot machine.

This reminds me of another story that someone once told me. There was an older couple playing the slots, after a few hours the old man fell out of the chair, obviously having a seizure. His wife leans over and starts playing his slot machine as well as playing her own. Without taking her eyes off the slot machine she feebly calls out help, help, help me. She did not do anything to help her husband. She didn’t miss a beat on the slot machines. She continued to play the slot machines as the paramedics took her husband to the hospital. He was okay after that but I am pretty sure their marriage wasn't.

There is one more story that I want to tell you about a celebrity that I can’t name because I don’t want to get sued. You know how it is. If you go to my website under entertainment you will see a lot of stories from when I was a casino dealer. You can read all of them including the celebrity stories at vegas-aces.com.

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