How to Play Poker & Win Big in Far Cry 3

How to Play Poker

Poker is an essential part of Far Cry 3. There are references of it scattered everywhere, from the items you pick up, to the side quests you complete, to the multiple poker games sprinkled throughout the world, to even being incorporated into the main story line. In order to unlock the Poker mini-game, you’ll have to liberate the Valsa Docks Outpost. There are five poker locations total, three on the north island and two on the south island. The names of the closest towns to those poker mini-games are the Valsa Docks, Northview Gas, Badtown, Thurston Town and Bridge Control.

Different levels of poker play

There are four skill levels that the player can choose from. Practice is the easiest and you won’t wager any money, however this means you won’t win any money either. The next level is Novice and you’ll start off with a $100 total to wager with. The next level is Skilled and you’ll get $150 to wager and last is the Expert level with an allowance of $250. The higher the level the more difficult the poker game will be.

The game itself is basically a no-limit Texas Hold’Em game that would be similar to a $2/$4 game at Binion’s in Downtown Las Vegas. If you’re looking for a replacement for online poker, this isn’t it. Far Cry 3 poker games are much slower, use different procedures, they have poor A.I. for the other players and the game only gives out fake money.

Different poker percentages

As soon as you sit down on the table, the game will start. The object of the game is to make the highest five card poker ranking than all of the other players. This game uses traditional poker hand rankings, where the best hand a player can get is a Royal Flush while the worst hand they can get is High Card. You’ll do this by using the 5 community cards that are on the board plus the two cards that were dealt to you at the beginning of the game.

The game progresses through four different stages. The first stage is when you’re dealt your initial two cards. In a normal poker game, two players will post a Big Blind and a Small Blind, but the game is nice and does that for you so you don’t have to think about it. The game will then ask you if you want to Fold, Check, Call, Raise or go All In. If you Fold, then this means that you give up. You’ll toss your cards in, automatically lose any money you might have had in the game and then you won’t play again until the next game. If you Check, this means that you want the game to continue without adding any additional money to the pot. If you Call, then this means you’ll match the dollar amount that the last player bet and continue with the game. If you Raise, then this means that you add more money to your bet, making all the other players match that same amount before the game can continue. If you go All In, then this means you Raise to the point of betting everything you have on the table… Everything…

Once you’ve made your decision the second stage will start. The Flop will be dealt out and this is when there are three community cards on the table for everyone to use. Again, you’ll have the option to Fold, Check, Call, Raise or go All In. If you’re not good at poker or if you’re having trouble remembering the poker rankings then here’s a few things that might help. When you look at the cards, the game will show you a preview of your cards, the cards on the board and your poker ranking at the moment. Another method that might help you is by selecting the help option on the bottom left hand corner of the screen. This will pull up a screen of poker rankings and the probability of getting a certain hand. Once everyone is done betting the third stage starts with the dealer turning over the fourth community card, also known as the Turn card. Again another round of betting will occur where you’ll have the option to Check, Call, Fold, Raise or go All In. The fifth and final stage is when The River is finally revealed and the players will go through their last round of betting before the winner is finally determined.

How to Win Big

Even though Poker plays an important part of the game, you never have to worry about being a good poker player in order to advance the story. Usually, during the main story line, one of three things will happen. One, either the game will give you a high hand that’ll make it easy to win a game, or two, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose because the outcome will be the same, or three, at the beginning of the poker game there will be a cut scene and you won’t have a choice about what happens. You can receive the Poker Bully Achievement if you make $1,500 or more while playing poker. One way this is possible is by completing the side quest “Father’s Burden” which can be found in Thurston Town on the southern island.

Now for the main attraction, how to make money appear out of thin air. The great thing about videos games is that you can manipulate them in a way that guarantees a sure-fire payout when gambling on a casino game. When you use this technique, it’s best to wager the maximum amount allowed since no matter what you’ll be the winner of the game. This will fill up your wallet quickly, giving you the opportunity to buy that gun you always wanted. Before joining a highest-stakes poker table, you’ll want to make sure you save your game. After you’ve saved your game, start playing on the poker table and eventually go All In. If you win, exit the poker mini-game, save and then repeat the process until you have the monetary amount you desire. If you lose, quit out of the game and start from your last save. It’s so easy that players have been wishing they could do that in Las Vegas ever since the save function was invented.

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