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Interview with a Professional Card Counter & AP

Posted Feb 11th, 2021

On this livestream Heather interviews a professional card counter and advantage player as we discuss what count a professional counter uses, how fast they can count down a single deck, balanced vs unb...

Card Counting 101

Posted Jan 29th, 2020

Learn the basics of card counting, how to get started and why it's important for casino staff to learn this.

How Do Dealers Identify Card Counters?

Posted May 24th, 2016

Learn how dealers identify card counters with this Patreon supported Quick Question segment.

MIT Card Counting Panel feat. Dr. Mike Ahlgren

Posted Jul 29th, 2013

Watch this Interview with Dr. Ahlgren as he talks about the 15th International Conference on Gaming and Risk Taking and the MIT Card Counting Panel.

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