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Canterbury Park

Notes for Canterbury Park
2016Dealers keep their own tokes.

Mystic Lake Casino

Mystic Lake Casino Tokes
2014 April$123$114$100$110$125$141$91
2014 March$126$108$100$130$151$152$131
2014 February$129$110$102$118$138$132$110
2014 January$99$107$124$140$136$123$96
2013 December$72$99$91$133$128$110$99
2013 November$152$113$103$103$107$114$84
2013 September$108$93$110$86$97$96$100
2013 August$105$117$99$96$108$131$107
2013 July$109$88$84$94$125$134$83

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